By Janet Adetu

I was reflecting on the past year myself, I decided to go the whole nine yards and take complete stock of what went very well. I asked myself what could have been done much better and what did not go well in my opinion.

My mindset took a totally new turn, I am now so excited about the new ideas I have and am motivated to look at anything to inspire me to excel. With this in mind my drive to lead and carry my team along has escalated to newer and greater heights. I feel that it is the way to enter the New Year with a better perspective, ideas, innovation and strategies that will challenge you to go the extra mile.

No doubt you may not feel that way if things seem to be going on pretty well and you feel you are great in the space you are now. Things may be working just fine, however the future as they say is so unpredictable, also as we can see times are constantly changing. This calls for one to be alert, on point and on the go, time waits for no one; our task today is to keep up with time.
In order for you to evolve in this new decade there is an important exercise that beckons for us all to do. This is the season to declutter, yes you need to declutter everything and now.

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Declutter Strategies
Let me give you my strategies to kick start your declutter exercise; however you know best all those areas you need to declutter in your life, just take a leaf from my ideas.

Declutter your Goals
In life at the beginning of the year, it is expected that you sit back and set good life goals for yourself, that will set the tone for how you will maneuver work life balance, feel happy and accomplished. It is when your goals are too many, when they appear unachievable and unrealistic that procrastination first sets in and the goals become endless and never achieved. You may start by pruning down all your goals; start with dividing your goals into quarterly goals and limit to one or two major goals per quarter. It is those quarterly goals that are realistic and appear very achievable that can be dissected into smaller goals for ease and simplicity. Take out all those goals that are good, but long term dreams for now and keep them in a safe place for the future.

Declutter your Office Space
Your desk in the office is part of your office space, you may have accumulated a lot of unwanted papers all over hiding in drawers in file trays and on the table. Double check if they are still useful or simply discard and declutter your space. It is always refreshing to walk into a clean space in the New Year. Psychologically you prepare your mind for new things, new ideas and you are motivated to kick start the new season on a good note. What was from the past keep it in the past and lay the foundation for a new beginning. Take away all files and store them in your cupboard or drawers create space for the old files and make way for the new stationaries, you will see that you feel much more prepared to take on new challenges in your new role.

Declutter Relationships
As open ended as this may sound there will be relationships that you have acquired that have been great, existing relationships that are still going on very well, acquaintances that have good potential and intimate relationships that are for a lifetime. You must not overlook the fact that some relationships did not go well, some friendships have taken a bad turn while others have become toxic. There is no harm identifying where you need to disassociate from relationships that are not adding value to your life. At times this may be hard core as it requires elements of exercising the art of forgiveness, kindness, consideration, discipline, calm and forward thinking. Declutter yourself from any relationship that is toxic and harmful to your state of mind. Declutter yourself from relationships that add no progress to your core values. In the process of decluttering it is a good idea to build relationships that will add valued progress to you, your calling, your career and your progress.

Declutter your Home

Finally in the entire exercise of decluttering you cannot forget to declutter your place of abode that is your home. Declutter rooms that you have wanted to tidy up for a while. Declutter your bedroom space by giving it a new face lift. This includes your kitchen, living areas, guest rooms. It may involve areas you can rearrange with no added cost involved. Look for areas that could do with renovation. You may add pictures, flowers, ornaments and other finishing touches to give that new sense of life. Endeavor to do something different, something new this season.

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