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What if they caught Egwu?

By Ochereome Nnanna LAST Friday, September 18, 2009, most Nigerian newspapers led with the bone-chilling disclosure by the State Security Services (SSS) of a plot to kidnap two ministers, collect ransom and kill one of them. The ministers were Dr. Sam Egwu (Education) and Prince Adetokunbo Kayode (Labour and Productivity). Three students of the University
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Their constitution, our constitution

Thereis increasing polarization of views about what they gave us and what we want. They refers to those who have governed this country, and we refers to the people, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The bone of contention is the Constitution in the context of what amendments the National Assembly wants to undertake and how qualified they are to do so.

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The human experience: Home

It’s a sound argument that every living thing has a home. For plants, it’s a special terrain, climate and atmosphere that determine the location of the home. For animals it’s more or less the same, you can be a hot weather species or cold one, you could inhabit the deep or the land but a home to a human being is a lot more different.

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Elderly Persons’Bill

OLD age touches us all, for, if we’re not yet of that range, we have parents, grandparents, and relatives who are. So, old age should be of some concern to everyone. I was glad to receive a few responses from young people, among the many I got, understandably, from the middle-aged and the elderly.

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