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Politics in 2019: Dilemmas of a people

THE year 2019 presents a lot of challenges to Nigerians ranging from the economy and growing insecurity to hunger, but it is politics, or the politics of the these challenges that will reign supreme. The first two months will be dominated by the February general elections while no matter who emerges winner, the next ten months will be expended on post-election politics including settling scores.

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Empathy over Politics

Not many knew there could be a strong relationship between poetry and the economy until   Nigerian   Poet,   Dike Chukwumerije gave his outstanding performance at the 23rd  Nigerian Economic     Summit in Abuja last year, with which he exposed our ethnic hypocrisies as a nation while criticizing other peoples about racism.

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The way we play politics : More intrigues and alliances, less credibility

I WAS at a dinner with some expatriates recently and as usual the topic came to politics and to the Buhari Presidency. I felt I had to explain to them why change is so difficult in Nigeria. True, the President and his team have scored a few own goals, so to speak, but the maneuoverings at play in Nigeria could leave the best political scientist or soap opera viewer dazed.

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