Facing The Ka'aba

November 11, 2022

Allah determines who becomes President — Imam Onike

<strong>Allah determines who becomes President — Imam Onike</strong>

The chief Missioner, Nasrul-lah-il-Fatih Society, Sheikh AbduAzeez Onike has expressed hope that the next election will give birth to a greater Nigeria. In a chat with Vanguard, Sheikh Onike said there will be a successful transition to a new democratic government.


Kindly share your candid expectation on the forthcoming 2023 General Elections?

Muslims are always requested to be optimistic in all situations, we should not be a prophet of doom our Creator says: “Do not lose hope, nor be sad. You will surely be victorious if you are true believers. (Q3: 139), He also says, “Say: “My servants, you who have transgressed against yourselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah.
Truly, Allah forgives all wrong actions. He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” (Q39:53).
Similarly, Our Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says: “If one of you makes a wish, then be careful what he wishes for. He does not know what will be decreed of his wishes.”
Based on all these, I am looking forward to peaceful elections, a successful transition to a new democratic government and further deepening of democracy and freedom to choose leaders, which will give birth to a greater Nigeria, God willing.

With the believe that Allah gives power to whom He wills, what is your take on the direction taken so far by the major presidential flag-bearers such as Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu (APC), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (PDP), Mr. Peter Obi (LP), Alhaji Rabiu Musa Kwankanso (NNPP) and Prince Adewole Adebayo (SDP)?
As Muslims, we are not expected to play God. Allah determines who gets what. You would recall that the Late Former Governor Audu of Kogi State was winning the election when death snuffed life out of him, by Allah’s Command of course. Allah bestows power on whom He likes.

“And their prophet said unto those elders: Behold, now God has raised up Saul to be your king.” They said: “How can he have dominion over us when we have a better claim to dominion than he, and he has not [even] been endowed with abundant wealth?” [The prophet] replied: “Behold, God has exalted him above you, and endowed him abundantly with knowledge and bodily perfection. And God bestows His dominion upon whom He wills: for God is infinite, All-knowing.” (Q2:247)

Why do you think Asiwaju towers above other front liners? Is it because he is a Muslim and the turn of the South?
I may not be able to ascribe any reason for your claim.

What, in reality, does this anticipated Tinubu/Shettima presidency signal to you and Nigeria as a whole?
Only Allah knows what is hidden. I can only make reference to the following quotes:
“History is not the past but a map of the past, drawn from a particular point of view, to be useful to the modern traveller.”

Henry Glassie, US historian (1941- )
The validity of all the inductive methods depends on the assumption that every event, or the beginning of every phenomenon must have some cause; some antecedent, upon the existence of which it is invariably and unconditionally consequent. — John Stuart Mill

In the South West region, there are still discordant tunes among the so-called Yoruba Afenifere leaders, what is your take on their positions and how would you advise against disunity at this critical time?

NASFAT as an organisation has always refused to be driven by ethnic bias, this is an Islamic organisation that has a vision to be a pace-setting society with widespread acceptance within and outside Nigeria, therefore, commenting on any regional group’s position on national issue, be it from Afenifere, IPOB etc will be at variance with what NASFAT stands for, and by extension what Islam says about unity.

Why do you think INEC is well prepared to conduct free and credible elections in 2023?
We hope for the best and we shall continue to pray for all those who are involved in ensuring that we have credible elections.
However, my message to all Nigerians as 2023 polls draw nearer is to get your PVC and vote according to your conscience and in the interest of generations yet unborn.