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She ‘Married’ Her Best Friend’s Dad!

OPEN marriages work when one partner, usually the wife, turns a blind eye to her husband’s shenanigans. In most cases, the husband is usually careful not to push his luck by always flaunting his trophies. In a few cases, however, wives have been known to forgive the humiliation of a serial adulterer all in the name of love and a sad excuse of hanging on to the marriage.

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How far would you go experimenting with love-making?!

Most young couples these days have sex as if they invented it. Makes you wonder what the stuff you have indulged in over the years should be called: A Beginner’s Guide To Sex?!’ To today’s avid rabbits, sex is what you have when and where you feel like it. If one or two people happen to be watching with disapproval when they do their stuff, tough! They’re just jealous as far as these sex- experts are concerned.

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The Fiance Who Loves His Girl’s Friends To Bits

As Ife helped her friends into a stretch Hummer she’d organised to take them all to the night club where they’d planned a ‘hen’ party for Fade, her best friend, she had no inkling of the nightmare that would later unfold. “We’d started drinking from another friend’s house where we had all assembled. By the time we got to the club close to midnight, we were slushed.

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