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Diary of a Divorced City Girl

Do You Have A Peeping Tom In The House?

Later in the night, I went to check if all the appliances were on after electricity was restored, when I heard grunts and moans. The light in the guest room was on and the double bed was facing the door.

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Would You Take Back A Returnee Husband?

Over the years, I’ve played this little conversation  over and over in my mind and had time to mule over events on the matrimonial scene. I’ve watched friends who set out on the road to matrimony with coloured specs and a lot of hope come out of it bitter and disillusioned. Not to talk of struggling to look after kids their adventurous husbands never gave a backward glance  to.

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Is it possible to be in touch with your naughty side this Christmas?!

he problem is we’ve all been married and divorce and Iris and Maggie are grandmothers!  “Don’t even mention that word to me”, Maggie hissed. Her first daughter got hitched at 19 and now has three children from two `partners’. Aggie, who now runs her own pub  suggested Iris and I meet up with her at the pub for the evenings’ `appertiff’.

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Why Can’t Older Women Flaunt Their Sex Appeal?

Who exposed all manners of acres of flesh, while older women are expected to all but return to the Victorian age, complete with floor sweeping dresses to disguise any semblance of  curve. The hypocrisy is particularly interesting since there is a constant deafening of chorus of complaints from women as they age, that they become invisible. Yet, when a woman in her 50s dares to hint at her sex appeal, she’s victimised.

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What has shame got to do with a raging libido?

Why are today’s young women so carried away with having fun and experimenting with sex that they scarcely give a thought to getting married?  Those that are lucky to walk down the aisle do it haphazardly. The slightest marital problems they have, their bags are packed, ready to look for greener pastures by eagerly joining their footloose and fancy free friends.

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