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Diary of a Divorced City Girl

Your next fling could virtually be at your doorstep!

The night I asked him to say for dinner (the computer school is on my premises), I piled him with good food and booze. Afterwards, we retired to the sofa and I had the most mind-bugling sex I’d had for years. Apparently, he was on to my scheme and happily played along.

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Would you have an affair to save your marriage?

Florence sat next to me in the car and showed me a hotel room key.  “You should have left that at the reception”, I told her. “What if you lose it”, “It’s not my key”, she whispered into my ears.  “It’s the key to Eric’s room”. My eyes widened.  So soon?  “He wants me to go and wait for him in his room”, she continued excitedly. 

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