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A nympho or an adventurer?

Whatever your view on sex is, the fact remains its recently been stripped of its cloak and dagger mystery. Where men once bragged of the number of notches on their bed-posts, women now don’t see sex as a ‘chop and wipe mouth’ phenomenon. They see it as of right- they want it, if it’s available, they take as much as they want. No guilt. Just emotional satisfaction. Ini and I were at Lilians recently and, naturally the banter skirted around sex. Lilian’s cousin Betty’s ‘problem’ came up for serious consideration.

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Are you giving your married daughters the wrong advise on sex?

It was one of the few weddings I just had to attend. Feeling a bit bored, I tuned off, mentally calculating other things that needed my attention when the Reverend Father climbed on to the pulpit to give his wedding sermon. Yawn … Then I sat up when he said pompously that the best way to keep the furnace of love burning in a marriage was to have sex, not as often as the couple wanted, but as often as the man did! Even if he didn’t seem quite interested, the wife should offer it on a platter!

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