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Men must learn to work with the tools they have!

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By Candida
Why do men always have performance problems on the brain? Dejo, a company director, suave and sophisticated, is now single after his wife opted to stay back in Britain with their three kids.

She was not only fed up of the marriage, she didn’t fancy packing in her good job to come to the nightmarish state she heard Nigeria was in. “Women like me,” Dejo confided, “but I’m really in a panic about my dick size.

Finding a new woman is no problem. What I’m worried about is their reaction to the size of my dick because it is definitely smaller than average. My wife was cool about it because I was her first and she didn’t know any different.

But, I’m 41 now and the women I’ll be meeting here are bound to be experienced and notice straightaway I’m undersized. Do you think I should let them know what to expect before we hit the sack?

Here we go again, I groaned. Men do this to themselves all of the time. I told Dejo  that what he was assuming is what all men assume: Women want big dicks!

The fact, backed by surveys, is that the vast majority of the women do not want large dicks. Male readers should read this sentence three times, then repeat: Women do not want large dicks! If you’re reading this and have a large one, change the sentence to: Women don’t just want me because I have a large dick.

I try to tackle this topic head-on (ahem!) this week because this fear seems to be holding a lot of men back from having a good and rewarding sexual relationship with their partners. The fact is, width tends to count more than length.

This is because nearly all the nerves of the vagina are concentrated in the first inch or so, and a thicker penis connects with more satisfying. All this is really irrelevant because by assuming your size is crucial, a man is placing too much emphasis on penetration. A new lover is far more likely to have her orgasms through other sexual fun and games with her partner.

It’s not that women don’t love sex just as much as men do (well, nearly as much!), it’s just not the be all and end all. If you readers must know, the measurement of an average penis is believed to be five to seven inches long when it’s erect and three inches when  flaccid – you can search the net for this fact and God knows what else you’ll come up with; you’ll get accurate information this way.

I couldn’t ask Dejo out-right the actual measurement of his tool- it would be rude! – but I told him that even if he was under average, he shouldn’t run around broadcasting it to any woman he’s interested in. If he likes her and takes things slowly ,his size wouldn’t be a big deal.

So, dear readers, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: women don’t fall in love with penises, they fall in love with the men attached to them, so, stop worrying!

Out on a date & fighting for your life!

Dorca’s confessed that, for now, she finds staying home to read a good book more entertaining than going out with a man.

“Nigerian men are a bit conceited,” she observed. ‘They believe that after a dinner or two, you are more than ready to be taken into the bedroom. None of the men I’ve met wanted to be friends – only lovers.

“Two months ago, the man I thought was a friend invited me to a party. I was to meet him there. We both enjoyed ourselves and a couple of hours later, I made my excuses to leave. He didn’t bring his car, could I drop him at a friend’s house where he kept it? Why not? He asked that I should come in for a drink for the road.

To be polite, I said O.K, and five minutes later, he wanted us to take a trip upstairs to rest. I should, by now, have known what he was up to but I was still surprised. I didn’t feel like resting. I told him politely. I would rather go home.

“How he thought friendship could suddenly transform to lovers really irritated me. His face hardened. “Come on, don’t be like that”, he said, almost too sure of himself.  ‘What are you going home in a rush for?

Let’s enjoy the evening.’ I  told him I didn’t feel like making love as I never felt anything romantic for him, and he turned nasty. He actually started kissing and fondling me.

“The more I resisted, the more excited he became. He would have raped me if I hadn’t broken free. Why are men such beasts? Why do they think sex is the ultimate in a  relationship? What happened to respect and friendship?

“To think he would willingly sacrifice the good rapport we once had for a roll-in-the-hay he wasn’t sure he’d get!.  Those unfortunately, are the questions most women would continue to ask  themselves. A lot of women have shrugged things off and be part of the game some men play all in the name of peace. Quite a number of girls too have been lucky to meet men who genuinely consider the way they feel, and readily apologise when they realise they’ve read the signals wrong!

This festive season, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are hungry foxes out there waiting patiently for the unwarry hens!

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