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The betrayal of a seductress!

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By Candida
It’s amazing how much a little incident.- could open a floodgate of memories. Ini and I had decided to go to a mutual friend’s party in the same car.

I’d parked mine at hers but she first wanted to call on a relative who was having the wedding introduction of her daughter that day. She gave me her word we wouldn’t spend up to an hour.

She knows I have a bit of an  aversion to these traditional dos that go on and on, boring the pants off you. The ‘moderator’ popularly known as ‘Alaga Ijoko’ was in her element when we arrived. Sighing, I fixed my eyes on my wrist watch praying for when we could make a decent exit.

Then I felt these eyes boring into me. The face of the guy looked terribly familiar. He hurried from where he was and was sitting next to me in seconds. It was Kanbi an ex of close to two decades. I’d met him shortly after I got separated from my husband and, thanks to him, I didn’t give my failed marriage a thought.

I had CTB of course. I’ve always had his support. But Kanbi was much younger and had all the time in the world for me. On top of which he was a top notch in a manufacturing company and was always encouraging me to do a bit of contract job. I didn’t care for that kind of thing.

Even after he’d single handedly registered a business name for me, all I wanted really was for him to send some of his staff to me for training, and this he did from time to time. “I was very happy with him and when Franka, an old school mate met him in my office, I confidently introduced them. Some months later, Franka came to my office to plead that I should have a word with Kanbi.

A boyfriend of hers had supplied goods running into a couple of millions to his company and the payment was being delayed. I called Kanbi to find out if we could pop in to his office and he agreed. It was when he called for Franka’s man’s file .that it was discovered that the goods supplied were sub-standard. The best he could do was reduce the payment by 20 percent. That was very considerate of him and Franka’s man got his money.

‘Months later, Kanbi’s secretary, whom I was very friendly with wondered why I could be so trusting as to send Franka to Kanbi to bid for contracts. My eyes widened. Was she serious? She told me Franka usually called early in the morning, bringing breakfast and other goodies to the office. She then arranged to call me next time she was around. She was true  to her word.

I sped down to Kanbi’s office, and who was sitting on the sofa in his office but Franka? Kanbi was seated next to her and they were having mouth – watering breakfast together. Franka was surprised to see me and she jabbered on about coming early to process fresh payments for her boyfriend. I stayed put and she eventually left.

Kanbi had a sweet tongue and convinced me nothing was going on – until I got a second phone call from his secretary and found them almost in a clinch. I was enraged. I told Kanbi never to darken my doorsteps again.

Then became a series of heavy pleadings, but I refused to bulge. He couldn’t believe I could be so resolute afterall, he was a married man.  I told him, it would have been different if I were having a fling with him. But I was in love with him and for him to betray me in such a cruel way and with a very close friend was too much to forgive. I stopped sourcing for candidates from his office, and the petty contracts that gave me generous pin – money stopped because I refuse to bid for them.

“We ran into each other from time to time, but I ignored him. The last time I saw him was at a very exclusive party and he was there wit Franka.  I left immediately they arrived.  So, now here he was after all these years still looking good enough to eat.

But as far as I was concerned, he would always be a traitor, “So where is your trollop?” I asked testily. His face clouded. He promised to see me at work, it would be a long story. I was curious about what he had to say when he called. He finally admitted he had an affair with Franka. “But it was not my fault”, he said, “Franka pursued me relentlessly but I didn’t rise .up to her antics.

After she collected her boyfriend’s cheque, she begged me for some  contracts of her own and I obliged – because of you. To show her appreciation, she invited me to lunch, and I agreed. She was living with her boyfriend and I convinced myself we wouldn’t be alone.

“She’d arranged to call for me herself and we drove off in her car. It was then she said the lunch would take place in a plush hotel at Badagry. That she knew a new place where they serve mouth-watering lunches. The place turned out to be an hotel where she’d booked a room. She said room service was more private because both of us were attached and shouldn’t court scandal.

The room was fair enough and before we could order anything, she’d gone into the bathroom and emerged in starked.  My eyes were on stalks as I surveyed her naked body.  Now tell me Candy, what sort of man would face that kind of challenge and not rise to the occasion?  That was how the affair started.  It lasted all of three years and she used our relationship to corner every mouth-watering contracts from the firm.

“She was always generous in her ‘thank you’ gestures – enough for me to trust her to front for me in a particularly juicy one. I funded the contract and she collected the cheque and disappeared. I couldn’t believe it at first, the money ran into millions and included my contract money. She changed her phone and when next I heard of her, she’d gone abroad to be with her daughter.

A friend of hers gave me her daughter’s number. When I got through she was surprised I tracked her down. Before she could come up with any cock and bull  story, I told her that I just called to tell her that whatever she did with my money would haunt her. And I placed a curse on her and her children. And the curse worked!

The last time I saw her, she was so shabbily dressed that I asked the driver to slow down, called out to her and told her: “You see what happens to back stabbers?”

‘’I’m glad I have the opportunity to tell my side of the story. I have since gotten a second wife since you threw me out of your life. But Franka taught me a lesson I will never forget I wish I could pity her, but I can’t. What she sewed she reaped!”

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