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Kebbi committed to improving health indices of women, children

How do you cope with the nightmare of your 15- year-old’s pregnancy?

“Ajoke is pregnant,” she said bursting into tears. I guessed it was bad enough that her husband got Ajoke pregnant whilst she was in their home parading as his close relation but for her to be pregnant again less than a year after her first son must have sent Vivian round the bend. I said as little as possible. Let her work through her hurt before I gave her whatever advice I could.

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She did what she had to do to give her kids a better life!

WOULD you do anything to make your kids happy – however sordid you believe such things to be? A few years ago, Denike, a teaching assistant at a private primary school resigned and started a sort of petty trading. “We had the front two rooms in the house we moved to after Dele, my husband, was medically discharged from the armed forces and the little money he had ran out”, she explained.

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Why Keep His Name After You’ve Kicked Him Out!

As she left the consulting room, we arranged to meet up and exchanged numbers. I really don’t often look forward to these “do you remember when” moments and seldom hook up with past acquaintances I meet up casually but was pleased when Thelma got in touch, she was having a little get-together at her place and invited me over. I was glad to take up her offer.

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She fell for the oldest lie – His wife doesn’t understand him!

I wanted to know how things were with his wife and he told me they stayed together that long because of their daughter. That it was time for him to move on. A lot of my friends, especially the ones at the club were skeptical about our relationship because of the short time between the end of Kayode’s marriage and the start of our relationship.

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Where Exactly Are The Wife Materials?!

A suave gentleman with a good job and a nice to-die-for pad, he believed it wouldn’t be an effort to meet a partner when he was good and ready to settle down. He recently hit 40, and a dad to an adorable son whose mother doesn’t want to get married! “I couldn’t really believe it when she told me”, Joseph said, scandalised. “I was too old for her? Too old?

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