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Don’t be too much in a hurry to end your marriage

As bad as the economy is, there are tons of people who regard broken down gadgets with distaste and either give them away or toss them into the dustbin instead of bothering to repair them.  But what happens if your relationship doesn’t live up to your expectation?  Do you try to fix it or do you simply cast it aside and maybe look for a better alternative?

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Coming face-to-face with your ex after the breakup!

After the initial shock, he said hello.  He then looked me up and down and smirked, `Hmm, looks like you’ve put on a bit of weight…” The girl sticking to his side was tall, slim and well-turned out!  I was dumbstruck by his hostility and just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Afterwards, I thought of all these witty replies I should have given … But what good were they after the event?”

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Reckless sex? You might as well put your teenage girl on the pill!

Ebele’s predicament outraged parents in her neighbourhood, some of them alleging this all happened because here wasn’t enough sex education in schools!  Makes one want to laugh, doesn’t it?  Kids as old as nine years already know, through sex education and watching TV, how to have sex, what positions to use and the importance of contraception.

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