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As Boko Haram bites the dust…

By Ebele Orakpo

‘OH! I’m just loving this. The great Nigerian Armed Forces have suddenly woken up from their slumber. The Boko guys never expected what they are getting now,” said KC, a commuter in the Apapa-bound bus.

Bodies of some terrorists killed in battle
Bodies of some terrorists killed in battle

A beg make we hear word. It’s Chadian, Camerounian and Nigerienne soldiers defeating Boko Haram (BH) insurgents and not Nigerian soldiers,” retorted Ade.

Radio without station! Why are we always so negative about anything concerning Nigeria? If we don’t believe in our country and our security forces, who will believe in us? The Igbos have a saying that if you address yourself as worthless, the world will treat you as such. I am pained whenever I hear our people being so negative about anything concerning Nigeria. We are always quick to judge and condemn while contributing nothing. Look at small Niger, the people trooped out against BH. They carried placards chanting Boko Haram is haram (forbidden) in Niger,” said Edith.

“Didn’t our people protest when the Chibok girls were abducted?” asked Ade.

“Protest indeed! Against who? Not BH but government,” replied Edith.

“The truth remains that foreign soldiers are the ones fighting the war for us. What were our soldiers doing all along?” asked Ade, to which Mercy replied thus: “So many factors contributed to the seeming helplessness of our soldiers. One, there were moles in their midst, soldiers sympathetic to the cause of BH. Two, was the issue of outdated and non-functional weapons. Three was politics.”

All that na story. We’ve heard all that before,” said Ade.

“Cool down and let me explain. Remember the soldiers were winning the war at the initial stage with Gen. Ihejirika at the helm. It seemed he had a strategy that rendered the moles amongst them useless. He had those he could really trust working very closely with him and so they were able to restrict those devils to the Sambisa forest. But then, some Northern elders who I am sure are sympathetic to BH, came up with the allegation that the soldiers were killing northerners, alleging genocide. They vowed to take him to The Hague. Of course Ihejirika was retired and we all know how the battle went from then on. Having been accused of such grievous offence, the morale of the soldiers was low, because not just the Northern elders were accusing them of genocide, the almighty Amnesty International, AI and the West joined in the outcry. This would demoralize anyone. So the soldiers who were honestly fighting B H had to take things easy; they became very cautious so as not to offend the northern elders, AI and the West and the evil ones among them began to have a field day. Since the terrorists have been killing, maiming, beheading, burning, bombing, abducting women and children and sacking town after town, have you heard AI come out to condemn them in strong terms as they did the Army? So, I think now that Chadian, Camerounian, Nigerienne and Nigerian forces have joined hands to flush the BH guys out of our region, and also the Army is better equipped now, and some of the moles removed, the war is going in favour of our soldiers.

Again, it will be extremely dangerous for anyone, no matter how highly placed, to openly accuse the Federal Government and the Army of killing northerners now because such a person will be seen as a BH sponsor. Now, who are they going to accuse? Instead of joining hands with government to fight BH at the initial stage, they were playing politics with it, blaming government and subtly supporting BH because it did not affect them directly but now, it is affecting everyone like a rabid dog who does not recognise its owner. Good will always triumph over evil no matter how long it takes. Bravo to our heroes. May the souls of all those sent to untimely grave rest in peace,” said Edith.

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