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Send the Boko guys to paradise asap!


PRESIDENT Jonathan is waking up now to the reality of the evil called Boko Haram. He thought they were a joke at the beginning,” said Amos, a commuter in the Ojuelegba-Boundary-bound commuter bus this Tuesday morning.

“Don’t mind him. He decided to wake up after the group had done maximum damage to families and the nation at large,” replied Tony.

“I’ve been saying it that Jonathan is the wrong man to rule Nigeria at this point in time. If it were someone like Obasanjo, Boko Haram would have been nipped in the bud. But Jonathan, with his disposition, decided to let them, like cancer, fester. Look at where we are now,” argued Tijani.

The soldiers during thier mutiny tral
The soldiers during thier mutiny tral

“Capital LIE! Which Obj? Was it not during his tenure that sharia started? What did he do? NOTHING! Meanwhile, many lives were lost as a result of the sharia issue. Boko Haram has to do with the desire of these sons of the devil to establish a sharia state in Nigeria. So what are we talking about? Na only for South and Middle Belt dem dey get power,” posited Tony.

“I believe that Obj would have handled it better. Remember that once a soldier, always a soldier but Jonathan is a civilian and wants the rule of law to take its course,” insisted Tijani.

Said Tony: “If Jonathan had done what Obj did in Odi and Zaki Biam, he would have been impeached. Soldiers can do as they please and get away with it but not a bloody civilian as they label us.”

“We have hear you, let me answer you,” shouted Alabi.

Said Tijani: “The truth is that the man was at a loss as to how to handle the devils. So it has nothing to do with his being a stickler for the rule of law. Far from it!”
“Let me answer you now! We have hear you,” shouted Alabi again.

At this point, many burst into laughter because of the bullets (wrong grammar) proceeding out of Alabi’s mouth with all authority. Finally, there was silence and Alabi proceeded to speak thus: “President Jonathan is the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces so all the power in the land dey im back like the Rock of Gibraltar. So if to say he know wetin to do, e for do am.”

“I think the advisers are not advising him well. To me, the best thing now is to dispatch the devils to their paradise to receive their 70 virgins as soon as they are caught. No need for trials; after all, they never gave their victims any chance,” said Amos.

“So that Amnesty and the West will begin to shout human rights abuse?”asked Joy.

“To hell with them. When Boko Haram kills, it’s not human rights abuse ba? I am not trying to justify soldiers who will deliberately commit human rights abuses but truth be told, in every war, there are collateral damages and as the saying goes, drastic times call for drastic measures,”  said Amos.

“No mind them with their selective justice. In fact, I love a post by the US Marines which goes thus: ‘It’s God’s job to judge the terrorists. It’s our mission to arrange the meeting. ‘Short and simple! No long story. If you start taking them to court, trust our corrupt judicial system and politicians, before you know what is going on, they would be released to go and continue their terror activities,” said Tony.

“Thank God our gallant soldiers are gradually winning the war against terrorism. Thanks to all the information coming out in recent times from different directions. The sponsors and sympathisers in the military and elsewhere are chilling now because they believe that any slip on their part will land them in big trouble so they are starving the terrorists of funds and information,” said Joy.

“I hope Jonathan will use his power as the C-I-C to save those soldiers condemned to death for mutiny because there will be kata kata if they are killed. After all, they were trying to defend themselves against an oppressive oga,” said Amos.

Retorted Tijani: “They will be killed and nothing go happen, no be Naija we dey?”

“Their colleagues have promised to expose the saboteurs amongst the ogas if they are killed. What happened was akin to sending a child to buy salt and sending rain after the child; so why won’t they commit mutiny?” asked Tony.

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