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Xenophobia: Mattters arising

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MAN is the trouble with God’s earth. Since He  created man, God has not rested. From enslavement of Africans, to Hitler’s gas chambers, to Rwandan genocide and many too numerous to mention, and now, killing of fellow Africans in South Africa, SA,” declared Patrick in the Apapa-bound vehicle. He was speaking about the xenophobic attacks in SA.

Xenophobic Attacks:Nigerians protesting against xenophobic attacks in South Africa at the South African High Commission, in Abuja, yesterday. Photos: Gbemiga Olamikan.
Xenophobic Attacks:Nigerians protesting against xenophobic attacks in South Africa at the South African High Commission, in Abuja, yesterday. Photos: Gbemiga Olamikan.

“ It’s so sad. How could they turn against the very people that fought and spent resources to liberate them from apartheid regime? The worst part is that the government is not doing enough to stop the attacks. I heard that in some cases, the Police stood by and watched them kill, maim and loot without lifting a finger to save the victims, “ said Franca.

“Their President, Jacob Zuma’s ministry is the ministry of women affairs. He is busy marrying wives and is not concerned about protecting foreigners,” said Beatrice.

“While we condemn South Africans, we should look inwards because such things have been going on right under our noses and we pretend it is nothing. If you’ve been following happenings in Nigeria’s North, you would have noticed that at any slightest opportunity, a certain tribe and their businesses are attacked. Later, the attacks were directed at a certain religion, so you are killed or maimed because of your tribe or religion and nothing happens to the perpetrators. Let’s not be hypocrites. If we can’t condemn it here and punish perpetrators, we have no moral right to condemn others,” said Nick angrily.

Replied Franca: “Sure. If the perpetrators had been brought to book even once, things would have been different now. But the powers-that-be always let them go scot-free, so the cycle continues. Imagine innocent Nigerians losing their lives because of a cartoon in far away Denmark, something they knew absolutely nothing about.” “I think non-South Africans should leave. After all, in Nigeria, instead of dealing with offenders, the victims are advised to go back to their regions,” said Nick.

Bros, that’s not the solution. Some people will rather fight than give in to intimidation,” said Patrick.

Said Rose: “Apart from that, Nigerians can show their displeasure by attacking SA businesses here.‘Do me, I do you, God no go vex. Wicked and violent people don’t understand any other language except theirs. So pay them back in their own coin.”

Volume of transactions

“NO! That will be descending to their level. We must be civil in our response. We can boycott Multichoice, MTN, Shoprite and Standard Chartered Bank for starters. I bet you, they will lose billions. Moreover, it is high time we demanded for our rights. They overcharge us for their services despite having the highest volume of transactions here. MTN and Multichoice treat us like dirt. Once your subscription expires, you are cut off, not even a grace of one hour! Whether you use their services or not, you keep paying unlike in SA where you pay as you go,” said Patrick.

“I think that has to do with our leaders who place selfish interests above national interests. I heard that a former president has huge share in MTN, so he could not caution them when they err. Again, some of them have businesses in SA like refineries which they would not want to lose by fighting SA businesses here. We should look beyond our leaders and do what we can as individuals,” noted Franca.

“This again brings us to the issue of our so-called leaders getting loose with their tongues. The attacks started as a result of a statement by the Zulu king. Such people should be locked up in zoos. If an ordinary man had said that, it would not have elicited any reaction but the king? SA men resent Nigerian men because SA women prefer our men, thus they needed someone to pull the trigger in order to explode. The king did that by his utterance. It was just like what the Oba of Lagos did, threatening to drown a certain tribe in the lagoon if they did not vote for his candidate. I bet you, if his candidate had not won, there would have been serious trouble,” said Beatrice.

“But despite that, some miscreants are exploiting that threat. A friend told me that in Amuwo Odofin, a man’s building materials were stolen and he invited the Police to arrest the thief. Not only did the indigenes stop the police from effecting the arrest, the youths began to attack non-indigenes, asking them to leave; after all they did not vote for their candidate,” said Nick.


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