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Uninformed tale bearers


“Nigerians are experts in every sphere of life. Experts in politics, in football, athletics, medicine, pharmacy, geography, spiritual matters, just name it, they know it!” said Jude, a commuter in the Apapa-bound bus this Thursday evening as another commuter by name, Ade was busy lamenting the state of the nation. How corruption, greed, nepotism and impunity have taken over the nation.

Said Ade: “I absolutely agree with veteran actor, Nkem Owoh, alias Osuofia, who said that Nigeria needs fumigation. How can our so-called leaders be misappropriating our commonwealth with impunity? If you complain, their hangers-on will tell you to go and hug the transformer. The masses are their own greatest enemy. If only we can come together and fight our common enemy – the political class by holding them accountable. But no, they have succeeded in their divide and rule tactics. They use religion and tribalism to hold us down; meanwhile what binds the masses together – poverty – is stronger than tribe and religion. Haven’t you seen sworn enemy politicians on the pages of newspapers wining and dining at social events?” Continued Ade: “It’s not just the politicians oppressing the masses, the rich generally oppress us. Imagine Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor still walking free. In saner climes, he should be in jail.”

“In jail? For what crime?” asked Ken.
Replied Ade: “Seems you are the only visitor in Nigeria who does not know that his private jet was arrested in South Africa with $9.3 million. The money was either meant to be laundered or to purchase arms for Boko Haram.”

“Hmmm,” sighed Ken, obviously flabbergasted. “Was the man caught with $9.3 million cash in his jet?”
“Yes, he was caught. It was all in the papers,” answered Ade vehemently.

“Which paper published that because that is quite different from what I read,” insisted Ken.
“May be you don’t read or listen to news,” said Ade.

“Which paper now? Simple question…”asked Ken.
At this point, Ade became agitated, resorting to abuse and argument.

“Bros no mind am. He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool. He obviously does not know what he is talking about. Mr. Know All, tell us the paper that published it or keep quiet,” said Joe.

“My friend, keep quiet, what do you know? It’s because of people like you that Nigeria will remain this way. In your blind support for the PDP, you condone evil,” Ade retorted.

“We are not supporting evil. We want the truth. Don’t try to stand truth on its head. From what I heard, the man’s jet which he leased to a company to manage, was used for the business and he said he knew nothing about the trip. Let a court try him first. We are too rash with our tongues here, too quick to judge and condemn. We talk more than we listen. We wade into matters without understanding it and in the process, we make a fool of ourselves,” replied Ken.

“Ah my people, and when they talk, you can almost swear that they were there when the events took place. You’ll never believe they are totally ignorant of what they are talking about,” said Jude.

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