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Tiola’s Take

“Rest your legs…

By Tiola She had me pinned to my seat with that penetrating stare of hers and patiently listened to my rant about not getting enough work, and having doubts as to whether I had made the right career choice considering how slow things were going and Nollywood’s total apathy towards me at the time. She
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The perceptions of a 16-yr old Nigerian

I promise you this is a true story, and I have not, did not manipulate the conversations recorded herein in anyway. I was actually minding my business, trying to decide on a theme for this week’s article – I am seriously tired of commenting on the state of the nation —when my nine year old, the baby of the house walked in to relay a conversation she had just with her older brother, who is 16.

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Nigeria: A great potent force

There’s no denying the potent power of Nigeria as a country or Nigerians as a people. Meeting just one Nigerian (depending on who) can have life altering effects not to talk more of walking into a room full of us or better still, drop a jonnie just come in the middle of Lagos during rush hour…. Trust me, it has a profound effect.

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Hong Kong’s New Year’s Eve fireworks scrapped over safety concerns

2014: This year

My first article of last year was to be titled “2013: THE YEAR OF IRETI DOYLE” but I thought to myself, how vain! and decided against it. Political correctness aside, there was just a calm certainty in the pit of my stomach, that the year 2013 would be very pivotal and in many ways it was. Professionally speaking, it was some of my best work yet; proof positive being the several nominations, and the handsome best actress trophy sitting proudly on my mantle.

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Home is where you are

We had come into town late that night and smack in the middle of one of Britain’s worst storms. The plan was to spend the first night in a hotel, calibrate and then move over to my girlfriend’s house the following day. The kids and I had picked a fine time to visit London.

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… and the monkey won

Some things no just make sense… not after all this time and not after everything mankind has been through. Like we don’t have enough problems as it is … natural disasters of global proportions, monumental global fraud, all kinds of sickness and disease, the constant threat of nuclear warfare to mention just a few. On top of all of this and some, having to deal with the petty mindedness of man just seems too much to bear.

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Through the eye of the needle

It doesn’t matter how wide a gate is, the people in charge more often than not, make it narrow; intentionally. I’ve never understood the logic behind it. You have two thoroughfares, clearly marked IN and OUT to aid the easy flow of traffic and to some extent improve the security situation but no, the current Nigerian way is to slow things down…complicate things… .

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Whereof our refuge?

Na wa o ! As a Nigerian I’m beginning to feel like the Israel with all this persecution. So if anything bad happens anywhere, what, just check around for the next Nigerian and that’s your culprit? And please, (with my hand all up in your face!) don’t give me that story about Nigerians being the worst criminals on the face of the earth.

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Nigeria vs Argentina

Nigeria we hail thee!!

Fifty three and counting…. Make I talk true ehn, warts and all; I am PROUDLY Nigerian, where else in the world will you find such an eclectic mix of the good, the bad and the ugly? Where else in the world does obscene opulence reside side by side and comfortably so, with abject poverty?

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