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Diplomacy matters

Never before has the pressure to bring Nigeria ‘on-side’ as regards same sex relationships been so intense. Several weeks back I was watching a report on one of these foreign news cables about how we were one of the countries that imposed the death penalty on people found to be indulging in same-sex relationships which of course, is a blatant lie, we all know that punishment is 14 years imprisonment.

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Chronicles of a comical nation

A time will come when this too will become an entertaining anecdote round the dinner table and we’ll be like tee hee hee hee…. Remember when then mace was the political weapon of choice…hee hee…’.but for now, our very own theatre of the absurd moves on and is playing out to a packed house in the Garden City.

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Oil and water

When the government led by the late President Yaradua first floated the idea of amnesty for the ‘restless youth’ of the Niger Delta, I did a piece questioning the rationale because my interpretation of the the Amnesty International charter did not include welfare packages and luxury trips (thinly disguised as training programs) for people who in plain speak have done nothing but take innocent lives and wreak wanton destruction albeit in the name of ‘fight for rights’; yeah! But that’s just me sitting here tapping away.

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Mercy Lord!! (2)

Okay. . . I’m sitting here in church this Sunday morning, and I am finding myself undergoing a fundamental mind shift… It is not something I am consciously ‘willing’ to do but I find myself being lead by one fundamental truth.

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Another flies the cuckoo’s nest

Thirteen years ago, when I decided to marry my husband, the general shock was palpable. Not surprising as ours seemed to be a rather incongruous combination. He was a widower with four children; an established name who had been there done that, and had several t-shirts to show for it.

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DEATH: The booming business

In these parts, death is taken as seriously as life;sometime even more so. Indeed, in Africa the style in which you bury your dead especially one’s parents is a measure of your stature as a man or woman of means, and is a testament to how well (or not) the dead have raised their children. It’s a paradox.

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Serving the public

Let it never be said of our public servants that they are not working. Neither can you accuse them of lacking in long-term vision. I also dare anyone to say they lack that intrinsic intuition necessary for inspiring leadership.

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Much to be grateful for…

It’s amusing how we scurry about our ‘daily grind’ planning this, scheming that, plotting the other… all legitimate of course, all seemingly ‘worthwhile’, like somebody promised you tomorrow. No one said tomorrow wouldn’t come either so hey! I guess we just carry on… .

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