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2014: This year

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By Iretiola Doyle

My first article of last year was to be titled “2013: THE YEAR OF IRETI DOYLE” but I thought to myself, how vain! and decided against it. Political correctness aside, there was just a calm certainty in the pit of my stomach, that the year 2013 would be very pivotal and in many ways it was. Professionally speaking, it was some of my best work yet; proof positive being the several nominations, and the handsome best actress trophy sitting proudly on my mantle.

It was a pivotal year in many other ways too…some very palatable and in others not so much so… but *the reality is that each experience, bitter or sweet, brought about a deeper understanding of self, and a greater understanding of how one fit’s in effectively with one’s environment and the people therein.

In the dying days the initial feeling was that of relief. Almost as if making it to the end of the year was like grappling one’s self away and out of a myriad of issues and situations like ah! Mo bo! But as you cross the finish line, bent over, hands on knees, head sagging forward heaving, trying to catch one’s breath the uppermost emotion is not fatigue… but gratitude. I’m grateful not just for ‘making it to the end’ but for making it to the end well. Indeed, there is much to be grateful for especially if one stops to consider all the other things that could, and did go wrong.

We lost many a good people in the last year and as far as the African continent is concerned, with the passing of Mandiba there is a huge vacuum…who else is alive who just by their very existence holds the rest of us to high moral standards as regards nationhood? Who else can stand as a beacon? Ah! E go tey o!

At home things were no less dramatic, with political twists and turns that would make a Robert Ludlum novel read like a nursery rhyme! If the repercussion of all the intrigue did not have far reaching consequences, some of them quite personal, it would make for very interesting – and I must include- entertaining viewing. You know, like watching a particularly vicious tennis match. Alas! this is not sport, and the casualties are real human lives.

Personally speaking,score card aside, I am still fully convinced that our President is a man of history and destiny. As to his exact role and the long term effects on our nation; the coming days will tell. But there is no doubt in my mind that he was chosen for this time. May God’s will concerning our nation become manifest.

It’s true what they say, that which didn’t kill you, will certainly make you stronger. Anyone who survived 2013 wits and limbs intact should be able to look 2014 squarely in the eye and take it by the scruff of the neck…after all we have seen six…what is seven?

This year, I’m taking no prisoners, damn vanity and the heck with shame! I decree boldly: 2014: THE YEAR OF IRETY DOYLE!! I walk into boldly, confidently claiming it as mine, knowing that my Lord has already gone before me making every crooked pathway straight! I declare and apprehend a quantum increase in my seed so that I can be more, do more, give more.

May it be so for you…you… and you too….in Jesus Name!

Happy new year…all good things have come!!

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