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Nigeria we hail thee!!

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By Tiola
Fifty three and counting…. Make I talk true ehn, warts and all; I am PROUDLY Nigerian, where else in the world will you find such an eclectic mix of the good, the bad and the ugly? Where else in the world does obscene opulence reside side by side and comfortably so, with abject poverty?

Where else does utter stupidity thrive in the midst of such brilliance… Where? This is home. Good or bad, this is our country, our fatherland, the home of my ancestors.

Indeed, a lot of the things that currently define us are not positive at all; many of them downright stupid, shameful and embarrassing; but if a man says his house is not in order who is to blame? Who is to take the responsibility? Not to de owner of de house? Na so.

A Nigerian fan cheers prior to Argentina vs Nigeria
A Nigerian fan cheers prior to Argentina vs Nigeria

Besides, as the Yoruba would say, (you just have to love them, they have a proverb for every situation). “Omo ale tin fi owoosijuiweile…” the literal meaning being that it is only a bastard that is disrespectful of his home.So, let the true sons and daughters of this land stand up and be counted. Let us ALL take responsibility for the decay and therefore its restoration.

Of course, there will be the bastards; cowards, who steal, kill, maim and destroy often times for no other reason than sheer greed and avarice. Shame on them, one day very soon their reign will be over. . .

Ehn!! Hold on… what?? Dead body get accident?? Fathers …. AND sons??!! Chaaaaaiiii!!!! MOOORRIIRREE OOO!!! I remain prostrate, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…. My breasts ache with that familiar throb known to every mother at the loss of a child… lynching of innocent children in our streets, sleeping children slaughtered in their beds in the dead of night, flying objects falling from our skies killing generations in one fell swoop… it is relentless… Hmm!

Yet, in the face of all of this I repeat; let the true sons and daughters of this great land stand up and be counted. Though we may feel despair we too must remain relentless. Who takes responsibility for this? We all do. The enabled and the enablers…. To say that we cannot continue this way is moot.

Another famous Yoruba saying is “abgantara..”. Age weighs on you. *The older we get as a nation the more cohesive we should be. Not only do we have immense resources we have the benefit of history … learning from the mistakes and successes of other great nations. There is really no reason for this rigmarole… 53 and counting… MERCY LORD!! MERCY LORD!!




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