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2013: Our year of infinite possibilities. . ?

By Iretiola Doyle

OH. MY. WORD!!! The Super Eagles are actually soaring again! They pulled it off! Frankly speaking I was expecting them back home the first week. This is one occasion where I actually relish eating my words and I am shameless enough to bask in the reflected glory of communal success. I can say this now without the fear of being lynched that I was hoping the Burkinabes would take it.

Why? Theirs was such a romantic story—from a history of very little or no progress to beating some of the biggest names on the Continent to get to the finals. And to think that they would have done battle with ‘Almighty Nigeria’ to lift it… ah! It’s the kind of material fairy tales are made of. What can I tell you? I’m a romantic; bite me.But no worries my country winning felt just as great and had its own romantic twist; 19 years? Jonaeagles1

It’s been a long time coming! The last time I saw such hunger and determination on our sidewas during the ’94 or was it ’96 Olympics when Nigeria took the gold. The team was made up of young hungry (for glory) boys that included Sunday Oliseh.

Speaking of which, what a transformation! Insightful, articulate and concise… talk about re-inventing one’s self… a far cry from his stubborn headed, naughty days on the field. Yup! All in all, it was a good day for Nigeria. And to boot, something really good has happened for a change that President Goodluck can actually take credit for! You may ask what he had to do with it; na you sabi! Success has many parents abi you know no? See me wey dey talk now!

I’m told Coach Keshi(nuff respect) did the smart thing and selected players for their skill and fitness as opposed to ‘popularity’? I wonder if anyone else did anything different. I’m trying to find out if our win was a fluke or a result of due diligence.

It is said that once the grace of God is upon you all things begin to work for your good. It doesn’t matter what is, anything you lay your hands upon will prosper and even your ‘mistakes’ will work to your advantage…. Dare we believe? If in spite of our usual slipshod attitude towards things big and small, could this gift so early in the year be an indication, a sign that our time for restoration is here?

Could it be that the Lord our God has finally heeded the cries of His people (who we know have never stopped praying) and an unprecedented amount of grace released to us? Is 2013 the year? When things begin to turn around for the collective regardless and in spite of ourselves; a year in which we can do ALL things and ALL things begin to work out for our good?

Fellow Nigerians! Let us collectively use the Super Eagles as a point of contact for every aspect of our great Nation. As the Eagles have caused us to soar again in the area of sport, so shall we begin to soar again in every aspect of our co-existence. The glory that has been restored to our nation via this singular feat will spread like yeast and permeate every aspect of our nationhood. Everything  that is run down will be raised up again in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Everything that the cankerworm ate and the locust years tookaway, shall be restored back unto us a hundedfold!

To 2013…. Our year of limitless possibilities!


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