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Mercy Lord!! (2)

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By Tiola
Okay. . . I’m sitting here in church this Sunday morning, and I am finding myself undergoing a fundamental mind shift… It is not something I am consciously ‘willing’ to do but I find myself being lead by one fundamental truth.

If I profess publicly (and in my heart) that I am a Christian, shouldn’t its tenets govern every aspect of my life public and private including my politics? Hmm. . . And if that is the case (and I try  not always succeeding though, to walk my talk) then I find myself in a major quandary.

Today in church I was reminded unequivocally that I am supposed to pray for my leaders regardless of what they do or how I feel. . .

Trouble dey o!! Hmm! True to God, I  find it really hard to pray for any one of these people. Going by my human mind ehn, my first inclination is to rain thunder and brimstone on these ones.

How do you in all good conscience pray for these people who seem to consciously do the wrong thing and take a wrong turn at any given opportunity? How? These ones that seem to think about nothing and no one but themselves? These ones that only take and take and take some more. .?

Every new day comes with some new sob story or we’ve come to some new level of stupidity and absurdity. Either that or some new committee or other has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar-again.

Money meant for my children’s education, monies meant for our health infrastructure, money meant to be set aside for a ‘collective rainy day’ that these ones are using to accumulate Hermes handbags by the dozen. Jesus is Lord! How… How do I pray for these ones..? Thank God for church… And more importantly His word…

Even where there is ‘progress’ check the underbelly; its more likely than not sordid. I get  wahala abi?

Today in church I was reminded that it is God that appoints leaders. . . Really?? So what was the Lord thinking when He put the shoeless schoolboy there abi??#!! Father forgive me! I did say from the get go that I am coming to this mind shift under ‘duress’ so to speak.

But seriously though His ways are most certainly not our ways and bless God that His thoughts are so far from ours because going by the human eye ehn. . . Jona no be choice o! Ehen! Enough said.

But; today in church I was reminded no man can receive what has not been given from on High. . Selah. Perhaps this is where we once again call to mind the peculiar circumstances that brought this present leadership to power.  Indeed they can only be described as a divine arrangement. . (plus the fact that a lot of people, to their everlasting regret *evil grin* voted based on their emotions as opposed to cold hard  facts.) Then the man of the moment did seem like the most unlikely choice. That is in line with the scripture that says the Lord will use foolish things to confound the wisdom of this world. . Selah

Having experienced first hand how a series of comical sometimes painful circumstances can lead to plateaus of joy and often new heights of success; who am I to say that the here and now and the who’s involved are not part of His plan for this nation? What I see is the here and now and if I profess to believe in an omniscient God who knows the end from the beginning, shouldn’t I simply trust He knows what’s up and obey?

Interesting how ‘cold hard facts’ can be filtered and reduced to a simple matter of faith: what do you believe. I’m not ignorant of what needs to be done, faith without works is dead. The good book says ‘righteousness exalts a nation’… when the people do right. . All of us, the leaders and the lead doing what is right and what is just; being our brothers keeper  wherever we find ourselves.

Besides what’s the point of cursing them? The more we curse the more confused they get, the more confused they get, the more trouble they put us in! So I’m going to pray!

My Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus first I ask for mercy on behalf of my leaders and on behalf of we the people. We have collectively failed in obeying Your word concerning nationhood and ask that You forgive us. Lord I ask that You give my leaders wisdom, strength and courage to do right. I also pray that you grant them good health so they are fit for the vigorous task ahead.

Rid them Lord of greed and avarice and replace that with a deep compassion for the people they have been elected to serve. On behalf of we the people I ask for a renewed mind and spirit. Give us a spirit of obedience and a desire to do right that we may begin to share a common vision for our collective growth and advancement in Jesus mighty name I pray!


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