Tiola's Take

October 26, 2013

… and the monkey won

By Iretiola Doyle

Some things no just make sense… not after all this time and not after everything mankind has been through. Like we don’t have enough problems as it is … natural disasters of global proportions, monumental global fraud, all kinds of sickness and disease, the constant threat of nuclear warfare to mention just a few. On top of all of this and some, having to deal with the petty mindedness of man just seems too much to bear.

I was thoroughly embarrassed and saddened to see that racism is alive and well. What am I talking about! half of the problems the world faces today is as a result of man’s intolerance to his fellow man.

But to see it displayed so blatantly, especially in the sporting arena mostly know for binding men of all races and backgrounds together; the sour taste it leaves behind is extra sharp.

It was with bemusement that I watched, during a football match between Manchester City and CSK Moscow fully grown men, possibly fathers of many (I shudder to think) behaving like utter asses. There were a bunch of them, standing in the bleachers shirts off, grunting like apes and shouting racial slurs at YayaTourre, an international football player of no mean repute.

That the match was being played on Russian soil and captured live on global TV just made it look worse. The hosting country came across as churlish, disrespectful and uncouth. If na me be the President of that place I would have all those tout arrested for giving the country a bad PR job. Nothing is an effective poster child for an intolerant nation than people behaving abhorrently at a sporting event.

Ironically and without realising it though, it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Though their skin was white, they were the ones looking and sounding like baboons. It was in such poor taste. I can’t imagine what kind of sons they’re raising, heck what am I saying; their sons were probably standing there shoulder to shoulder, howling together like banshees… behold! the next generation of degenerate hooligans.

And you know, ugliness just begets further ugliness… watching the incident play out on TV my mind just dey boil. Ehn??!! So, if oyinbodey talk dis ones go follow put mouth too??!! O ga o!! Shakinse bi ora! Mongrels!

They got their just deserve when the ref allowed the game to play on. Apparently there’s a FIFA law in place which allows the referee the right to stop a match, if it begins to take on racial colourations. Perhaps that was their intent. Constitute such a nuisance that the ref will be forced to call of the match so they wouldn’t have to witness the humiliating (emphasis mine) thrashing of their team on home soil. Hehe…2 -0!! And the monkey won… Yeye!