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Whereof our refuge?

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By Tiola
Na wa o ! As a Nigerian I’m beginning to feel like the Israel with all this persecution. So if anything bad happens anywhere, what, just check around for the next Nigerian and that’s your culprit? And please, (with my hand all up in your face!) don’t give me that story about Nigerians being the worst criminals on the face of the earth.

What we don’t realize is that every time we say or agree with that we reinforce and energise an image concocted in the pit of hell designed to render us as dung before the nations.

Like seriously, Nigeria was invaded by Guinea Bissau? That is the implication once an embassy is breached. And Nigeria’s response reads like a classic civil service textbook case. We protest, they apologise and a committee is looking into the matter; chikena!

International diplomacy my foot; sometimes you just have to kick ass – period. I know… I’m a mother… you DO NOT mess with any of my children. I’ve been known to get that message across to many simply by setting an example of one.

But hey, what the heck! Why won’t Nigerians be easy prey? It’s not like the government particularly cares. And what are we protesting?  People die here like flies every day, many of them victims of senseless killings, that go unsolved; unpunished…unaccounted for.

If it’s not a trigger happy law-enforcement agent, it’s a poor excuse for a ‘social crusader’ who goes slaughtering sleeping children in the night or someone just trying to flex.

Take for instance of this story of mayhem in Abuja. It is reported that operatives of the SSS raided a building in Apo quarters. By the time the dust settled, there were eight people dead and several injured. Why? It is alleged that the occupants of the building were members of Boko Haram.

According to the SSS spokesperson the operatives came under attack when they went to a building to exhume weapons buried therein by people suspected to be members of the sect.

According to her, the attack was sequel to ‘information obtained from two Boko Haram elements who had earlier on been arrested’….I know these are very precarious times, and so much as a hint of any affiliation to the sect is a sure fire way to die, however, there are survivors and eye witnesses who say otherwise.

According to one of the survivors they were merely menial jobbers who had been squatting in that uncompleted building for the last four years who actually pay ‘rent’ of two hundred naira a week to the security guard. Trouble started for them about a week ago when two petty thieves were caught and handed over (no good deed goes unpunished) the owner of the house (said to highly connected; aren’t they always?

And who may or may not have known of their existence prior to the incident) was informed, after which, he was said to have given the squatters a week to vacate the premises – the security man who mostly likely wanted to collect his daily 200 naira multiplied by the 200 people said to be squatting there for as long as he could —failed to communicate this to the squatters but was said to have quietly packed his things and sneaked out leaving the squatters to their fate.

The security operatives were said to have arrived in five truck loads at 2.30am shooting sporadically in the air till the occupants ran out of the building in fear at which point they were they were picked off like sitting ducks in an arcade.

Another eyewitness said to live on the street said he knew some of the people squatting in the building, that they menial jobbers, some of the actually married with kids and further expressed surprise that they were being labelled members of Boko Haram.

So….What’s the story? Were any of the dead found with arms on or around them? And why would ‘armed’ men trained to fight to death, flee at the first sound of gun fire? Now that the dust is settled did they find the cache of weapons said to be buried on the premises?

We ourselves wantonly shed our own blood by our own hands… why wouldn’t anyone else? The way you treat your dog, your spouse or even your rag for that matter is how other people will treat it to. No one will place any value on something you haven’t declared to be valuable in the first place. Selah.


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