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Why I posed as a warrior with my PVC—-Philip

Serial entrepreneur, beauty therapist and model, Favour Philip, is pained by the rate of killings across the country as well as the way Nigerian youths engage in criminal activities just to survive. In this interview with WW, she bares her mind on the forthcoming election and  why Nigerians should get their Permanent Voter’s Card, PVC.

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Women are becoming bold to do things society tagged forbidden years ago — Ajayi

I had to first overcome low self-esteem and fear of what people will say. I had to learn to start believing in myself and abilities. I kept going round circles but I am glad I did. A lot of people want to start a business or do something they love but because they are worried and scared of what people will say, they hold back. This inspired me to help people break free from fear and limiting mindset that holds them back.

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