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The fun of one-night stands!

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By Candida

One-night-stands are memorable because they are never planned. One minute you’re anxious about the stalemate in your love-life, and the next you are making wild love to a person you are not romantically linked. It is not often this happens, but when it does, do you make the most of it?

A few years back, Lizzy was shocked when she got a call that her mum just had a partial stroke and she was needed urgently at the hospital she was taken.

‘’I’m her only child,” she said, “and, I anxiously rushed to the government hospital she was taken. Then, I called the private hospital my company used for her to be transferred, so she could have proper care. We’ve always been close and since dad died a few years ago, she’d needed me more than ever.

“A few days later, I was at her bedside when this doctor called. When he introduced himself, I was surprised. Tall, dark and extremely handsome, Frank looked more like a model than a doctor. I stopped gawping at him and tried to focus on what he was saying to me.

He assured mum would make a quick recovery and I sighed sadly. It was a relief that mum would be  all right but the trauma of the few days coupled with the fact that my husband was in Saudi Arabia for nine months made me really vulnerable. Sensing my sadness, Frank asked me into his office where I could talk properly.

“As I narrated all that had happened in the past, coupled with the fact that I was alone in the house with our three children, I felt a bit weepy and Frank got up from his chair, enveloped me in his arms and it felt good. He was afterall a doctor, and I was a patient’s relative.

Only, he started kissing me. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. But, he continued kissing me and as lust  stared in my loins, the despair of the past few days were forgotten. I kissed him back as his hands tumbled with the buttons of my blouse, he eagerly undid his trousers, and eased me gently on to the leather couch in his office  and for the next few minutes, sex took my mind off my problems. Afterwards though, I felt guilty but the sex loosened the frustration I’d bottled inside me for weeks.

“I vowed it would be a one-off though, but the next day I was sitting with mum as she slept when I felt Frank’s arm on my shoulder. His eyes said all I  needed to  hear and I willingly followed him to his office. We made love three more times over the period mum was hospitalised. When she was eventually discharged, I went to Frank’s office to say goodbye. A look at my face and he didn’t bother to ask if we could meet again. We’d had our fun and that was it.”

Lateefat’s experience happened when she was temporarily co-opted by a modeling agency for a big fashion show. A make-up artiste, in her 30s, she found herself working with Chris, a photographer a few years younger than she was. “Chris was a very friendly guy and we hit it off immediately,” she recalled. We had to work together most of the time and as the days passed, I started fantasising about him while I lay in my  boyfriend’s arms. Dammy, my boyfriend lived on and  off with me and, though, we had a son  together, he  wasn’t really keen on getting married. He was a bit pompous and  a  ladies’ man. I didn’t fancy spending the rest of my life with him.

“In the meantime, Chris was getting bolder. I would ,be with the models,  applying make-up, and he would walk behind me, pinching  my bottom!

When I warned him not to get us into trouble, he bragged that he was trouble! Then, later one afternoon, we were in the bigger office where all the models’ outfits were when he started flirting outrageously with me. Alone at last, I actually felt nervous. But the models were busy elsewhere and we were able to relax. When the phone rang, I answered and it was one of our boring customers rattling on and on, making silly enquiry. Chris slowly got up and stood behind me. His hands rested on my shoulders before hanging on my boobs. I ought to be shocked, instead I tingled all over .. He then started raising up my loose top and massaging my bare breasts. Phone still to my ear, I started up and saw his mischievous smile.

I  was burning with desire at this moment. And, there was the danger that someone would walk in. As his arms wreaked havoc on my body, desire welled up.

“When the boring caller finally stopped, Chris and I started kissing passionately. I quickly locked the door as he spun my swivel chair around and pulled me into his arms. Still glued  together, he hitched up the black cotton skirt we were all asked to wear, running his hands around my hips. ‘Better than any of the models’ he complimented. Then, he lifted me onto the desk, lowered me backwards and we began to make love. The phone started ringing again but we were too carried away to stop. Until finally, satisfied, we slumped, panting and laughing hysterically in each other’s arms. ‘That was fun!’ Chris gasped and I agreed.

“There was no awkwardness between us at work afterwards, just lots of secret smiles. But my experience finally gave me the confidence to give Frank his marching orders. I wanted to enjoy being single again and having fun without his making me feel uncomfortable.

A few days later, Chris offered to take me out but I gently turned him down. My confidence boosted, I didn’t want to continue my freedom with a toy boy – the wonderful memories of our days together at the modeling office was all the boost I needed.”

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