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You can have the best of two worlds!

By Candida

You’ll be amazed at what excuse some people give for having their own back on anyone nasty enough to rub them the wrong way. For three months, Benny had a fantastic time ‘bonding’ with Elijah, her new found love.

“A tenis freak, he is an accountant, intelligent and super fit. We sort of clicked until he invited me over to his eldest sister’s 50th birthday party. They’d lost their parents in quick succession and Eli’s Sister, Gbemi is now like the head of  the family.  A sort of mother-hen, most of her sibblings and family members were in awe of her.

When I arrived at the party which took place on the grounds of their Lekki house, the first person that caught my eye was Gbemi’s husband, Jim. In his late 50s, he had a distinguished look that rich men have and a warm welcoming smile.  Gbemi, on the other hand, scowled disapprovingly as Elijah introduced us. She scanned me coldly, almost making me regret the micro mini I had on. But I stared defiantly back at her. I wasn’t married to her precious brother yet and she had no right to intimidate me. I flaunced off as I saw people I knew, wriggling my hips to make her boil some more. Throughout the party, she shot me sour looks and I returned them!

“When they ran out of champagne, Elijah told me to call a friend who sells the stuff and she had some. Gbemi left to pick the stuff with her precious brother and, as soon as they left, Jim came over, apologising for his wife’s frostiness. As we talked, I explained I was into interior decoration and he asked me to look him up at his office, that he had just the right job for me. I called the following Monday and he asked me to come to his office right away so he could take me to the house he wanted refurbished.

“It  was on the mainland and as he showed me around the lovely house, I wondered what else could be refurbished in this well maintained house. As he showed me round, I took in the leather sofas, the Jacuzzi in the bathroom, the well-stocked bar – in short the place was to die for. He popped open a bottle of champagne and gave me a glass.

We almost polished off the stuff when he started cuddling up to me. I froze momentarily. This was: Elijah’s brother-inlaw. But I saw the granite face of his wife and my resentment of the way she treated me returned.  I cuddled up to him, as he lifted me onto the glass dining table. The sex was spell-binding. I was sure Gbemi wasn’t as hot as her husband now found me. And I compared with Elijah, he was a much more considerate lover.

“Afterwards, he told me what needed refurbishing and named a price that made my eyes stand on their stalks! I was to use the best materials, he warned, as money was no problem. Then he handed me a set of keys to make it easier for me to have access to the house. We both knew what that meant, of course, the house was a good cover for when he felt like a good ‘fun’. In the mean time, he urged me to make myself at home. I could stay in the house any time I felt like a break but he warned Elijah mustn’t know of our arrangement. As if!

“Jim must have been blown over by the experience of romancing a considerably younger lover as he suggested we spent the odd night together.  He already had an understanding with his wife that he could spend the odd day out once in a while when something urgent came up. Well, I was urgent, wasn’t I? “You’ll never want for anything, “Jim assured. ‘’I’ll try to spend at least a night a week here. Gbemi knows nothing about this house as I’m in-between tenants and I intend to stay as long as I like. You’l1 be here for me as much as you can, and I’ll make sure you had all the money you’d need …”

“I was in seventh heaven when I checked my account and discovered the money he’d put in it, and it was to be on a regular basis.  My lifestyle changed. Instead of combing corner shops looking for bargains, I hit the highbrow boutiques. My job was a good cover-up as my lifestyle changed.  It’s been eight months since our new ‘arrangement’ and my honey trap is still as sweet as ever. I have no bills to give me a nightmare, no worries, a wardrobe bursting with designer clothes and shoes.  Jim’s even taken me to a neighbouring country twice for dirty weekends and to keep me from getting bored since we couldn’t go out together.

“A few of my suspicious friends soon shut up when I lied about government contracts that came my way. A few weeks ago, one of my friends saw me with Jim at a restaurant.

I didn’t see her but she called, taking in details of the dress I wore and wondering what I was doing with Jim in such a cossy atmosphere. I took a lot of talk to convince her it was a business meeting. I made a mental note not to contact her again. Too many questions could blow my cover!

As nosey as she was, she was still on the topic when next I saw her at an outing, looking at me suspiciously.

“As for Elijah, he’s none the wiser after all these months. Jim never even ventures near my flat which now has a very sophisticated look. My steamy sessions with Jim are always in the house I’m ‘refurbishing’ where Jim brags he always shows me ‘What an older man can do.’

So, while I’m enjoying such good sex with Elijah’s brother-in-law, I’m happy to keep my relationship with Elijah going too. After all, between them, they are keeping me very satisfied indeed!

“As for Gbemi, I laughed secretly when I see her granite face. Let her scowl all she wants while I laugh my way to the bank and the good life~”  I wonder what she would do when she finds out I know every inch of her precious husband’s body – just as much as she does!”


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