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Reckless sex? You might as well put your teenage girl on the pill!

Ebele’s predicament outraged parents in her neighbourhood, some of them alleging this all happened because here wasn’t enough sex education in schools!  Makes one want to laugh, doesn’t it?  Kids as old as nine years already know, through sex education and watching TV, how to have sex, what positions to use and the importance of contraception.

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Who says the maid can’t have what ‘madam’ is having?!

When I told her I would love us to meet up sometime, she said she was an events planner, she was planning a wedding reception that weekend on the grounds of a posh hotel and was saying in one of the rooms to make sure things went according to plan. I could look in if I felt like it. We exchanged phone numbers and I couldn’t sleep for the anxiety. Come the Friday she said she would check into the hotel I told my wife I was off to a stag night party; it was the safest excuse I could give her.

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What madness possessed a middle-aged wife to stray?

Heard about what happened between your friend and I?” he wanted to know. I told him I’d heard and that they should bother be ashamed of themselves for throwing in the towel after all those years of marriage.  “Were you told what she did?” he quizzed. What could she have done that could be so bad!  Realizing I was on my way back to work, he followed in his car. Here we go again, |I groaned!  About time I started charging for this agony aunt lark.

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Why marriage might not matter afterall!

What about marriage?  “There’s plenty of time isn’t there?  If it happens, it happens. And if not, I’ll be none the worse for it.  I can look after myself”.  Did she really believe that?  Did she really expect her mobile to sound as often with invitations when she is fifty?  Didn’t she know that the men who sought her now for `meaningful relationships’ would, when they are in their fifties, seek younger women as they always have done?

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Would You Take Back A Returnee Husband?

Over the years, I’ve played this little conversation  over and over in my mind and had time to mule over events on the matrimonial scene. I’ve watched friends who set out on the road to matrimony with coloured specs and a lot of hope come out of it bitter and disillusioned. Not to talk of struggling to look after kids their adventurous husbands never gave a backward glance  to.

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Is it possible to be in touch with your naughty side this Christmas?!

he problem is we’ve all been married and divorce and Iris and Maggie are grandmothers!  “Don’t even mention that word to me”, Maggie hissed. Her first daughter got hitched at 19 and now has three children from two `partners’. Aggie, who now runs her own pub  suggested Iris and I meet up with her at the pub for the evenings’ `appertiff’.

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