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Would you let your kids see you naked!?

Would you allow your young off-springs in the bedroom or bathroom when you’re starkers?  If yes, at what age should this stop?  “I don’t see any issue with parents letting children up to six years old see their parents starkers”, said Susan, a mother of two and an industrial nurse.  “The human body is a natural and beautiful thing and not something to be ashamed of.  My six-year-old son sees me naked all the time.  I don’t even think about it, and he never bats an eyelid if I’m walking around in the nude.  To us, it’s normal.

“My mum who frets about letting her kids see her naked is worrying over nothing. I think it’s good for the kids that age to see their parents without clothes on.  Six-year-olds are already in school and might be curious about their bodies.  So seeing their parents naked can be educational. It helps them to understand that everyone is different.

“When I was pregnant with my other child, my six-year-old then watched in awe as my body grew and changed.  He asked loads of questions which I happily answered. I think being familiar with a woman’s body from a young age will lead him to be respectful towards women as he grows older. He’ll appreciate the differences between the sexes.  Added to that, any parent knows full well they never get five minutes to pop to the loo or have a shower. It’s inevitable that kids will see their parents naked anyway …”

Recently, there’d been reasons against why parents should let their off-springs see their naked bodies all of the time.  One of which is that it encourages young lads to masturbate whilst imagining their mums’ naked bodies.  A couple of years ago, Mide toyed with the idea of being a liberated mum. Her husband was in the bathroom having a shower when she sent her three year old daughter to fetch the toothpaste. “Minutes later”, recalled Mide, “I heard a shriek from the bathroom followed by my daughter running out of the bathroom, frightened that a `spider’ was attacking her dad. She was obviously referring to his pubic area. Since she’d seldom seen me naked, it was new to her. I never encouraged it again”.

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Stella, a no-nonsense school teacher said: “Personally, I think six is little too old for a child to see his or her parents naked. I understand mums and dads don’t get much privacy when their children are very young. But there need to be a cut-off point as to when kids see their parents’ privates.  Otherwise, the parents might still be wandering around in the buff when the kids are in their teens. That’s just a bit weird.

“I think kids at that age can start feeling uncomfortable about their bodies too, and feel awkward seeing their parents naked.  Sadly, we live in such an over-sexualised world these days. Things like `revenge’ porn never existed a few years back. Kids as young as 12 are `sexting’, oblivious of the ham it can cause. As parents, we should be teaching youngsters about restrictions and constraint. I don’t think little boys seeing their mums starkers makes them more respectful of women either. I’ve got two sons, aged 16 and 22 and they couldn’t be more gentlemanly – yet they’ve never seen me naked.

“Plus, with so many reports in the media about child abuse and child sexual exploitation, parents shouldn’t be teaching their kids to be so free with nudity.  I could end up doing them more harm than good”.

Dare said he found the top a little bit amusing.  When we were young, about 40 years ago, a lot of us indulged in watching our parents do a lot of things through the key-hole.  We’d seen them naked and seen all the shapes and sizes of their anatomy. We’d seen them have sex and we’d watched, amused as our older siblings cajoled their hapless girlfriends into having sex with them either clothed or naked. So what’s new!  I remember getting whipping a couple of times when caught drooling over the sexual exploits of our elders. I’d even seen my randy dad lure frivolous neighbours into the bedroom he shares with our mother to have sex with them!

“Growing up, we not only saw naked bodies, we had practical knowledge of how to have sex!  Today’s kids can never have it as good as we did. All they have are furtive looks on their phone to view unrealistic love-making which is nothing but pure porn.  In those days, when I ran into any of my dad’s conquests, I smirked. I don’t know if they knew I knew what they’d been up to, but it was an experience I would never trade for what today’s youths call sexual experience!”


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