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Do You Have A Peeping Tom In The House?

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Nine cases out of ten, you find the men guilty of getting turned on just by watching other people have sex! Recently however, Eunice, a mother-of-three and a fairly successful beautician confessed she couldn’t stop herself from peeping through the keyhole to watch Ben, her middle-aged cousin make love to a much younger lover he brought to the house for the weekend. “My cousin and I had always been close,” she said so when he called he would be attending a function in Lagos and asked if he could stay over, I readily agreed. He’d done that a few times. He lost his wife years back and said he was bringing his fiance.


“I was happy for him. He’s not the type that loves his own company but when he showed up with this vixen, my eye widened, what in God’s name is she doing with a codger like him? After I showed both of them to the guest room, I was relieved my husband was away on business.  I didn’t want him to think that if Ben could ‘score’, so could he! Later in the night, I went to check if all the appliances were on after electricity was restored, when I heard grunts and moans. The light in the guest room was on and the double bed was facing the door.  I couldn’t resist to peep through the keyhole to see what the grunts were all about. Ben was astride the poor girl, going at it hammer and thongs, and she was yelling as if her life depended on it. Was she faking it? I mean how could such an old man turn her on so much?   In fairness to him, he certainly wasn’t a ‘slam-bam thank you mam’ lover. I stayed there transfixed until it was over then skulk to my empty bed!

Missionary style of sex is a thing of the past – Mide Martins

“After what 1 witnessed, I became obsessed with this urge to see them have sex again. I couldn’t tell my husband what I saw -he’d think I was a pervert!

“I finally struck gold on the eve of their departure. It was a hot night: – so humid and sticky the generator was our saving grace since power providers (whatever they’re called now) were up to their tricks. Everyone had their windows opened. It was gone mid-night and the whole household had gone to bed. My uncle’s girl-friend had a bath towel around her, obviously fresh from the shower. My uncle joined her a few seconds later. He was in a towel too, water glistening on his greying chest hair. He was smiling lecherously, saying something to the girl as he tugged at her towel. Suddenly, she was naked – those boob; were fantastic and my uncle made a crude grab at them. Effortlessly, he lifted the girl onto the window sill and started making love to her. The house was so quiet I could hear everything – his grunt and her groans. As the romp unfolded, became aroused myself especially when he bent her over the dressing table…” Dear readers, I won’t bore you with more details! According to Eunice, there were things she saw that night that were too crude to describe! But let’s just put it this way – her uncle went to bed with a smirk on his face. So did Eunice!

When next I saw her, she said what she witnessed with uncle had set her thinking about her sex life.  “The memory of such spontaneous sex, had set my frustration on the boil, wanted   to feel   that kind   of excitement again, that naughty debauched lust! With trepidation, I called David one of my younger ex with whom I always had amazing sex. We were on speaking terms because I threw him over for a man who was prepared to give me more than he could afford. I have forgotten the nasty names he called me. Was he still miffed?

“He was actually happy to hear from me and never mention our spat. He agreed to lunch and there I was regaling him with my uncle’s escapade, thinking he was interested as he had haunting look on his face. “Must you finish everything on your plate?” he asked suddenly. I looked up at him in surprise and he continued, ‘Eat up and let’s go.” I want something more exciting than this silly food!’ he growled. I trotted happily after him as soon as he finished settling the bill. As we romped later, images of my uncle and his escapades with his woman flashed before my eyes and that really helped. My goodness! Having a moneybag is one thing, but nothing beats a virile man trying to show you what you missed by throwing him over!

“Thanks to my uncle, I’m back with this hot lover who beats any sex toys any day and I intend to ride this horse to death!”

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