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Facing The Ka’aba

Aborted Public Hearing on Hijab: MURIC suspects foul play

The public hearing organised by the House Committee on Judiciary and Justice failed to hold for the second time Wednesday.  Although several Muslim groups appeared for the purported hearing, they were disappointed as the chairman of the committee, Hon. Razaq Atunwa, explained that an interlocutory injunction seeking to stop the hearing had been served on the committee.

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The power of mindful prayers

Today I wish to tell you about a zikr, which is part of the sunnah [practice] of the Holy Prophet (sa). This Zikr is composed of prayers revealed by God the Exalted and if this Zikr is recited with attention to its meanings, one attains the understanding of Tauhid, the Oneness of Allah the Almighty enters into the protection and refuge of Allah the Exalted and is saved from all kinds of evils.

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