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Kidnap: The ugly side of internet penetration

Last week, the incident of kidnapping involving the Orekoya children at Surulere area of Lagos, brought into focus the issue of regulation of online classifieds.The children were reported to have been kidnapped by a maid, (Funmilayo Adeyemi) who was hired through a classified advertisement placed on an online classified platform,

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Preferences for things foreign

WE, Nigerians, are proud people. We are people who work hard, and also, if you like, play hard. We love the good things of life and we all work hard to attain them. Those who found the home environment too limiting found expression in foreign lands and are doing well. We also love the best things money can buy — clothes, shoes, mobile phones, computers, furniture, and, of course, cars. As a result, men like to wear suits from designers like Gucci, Prada, Saint-Laurent, Brooks Brothers and Marks & Spencer. Still, others prefer bespoke suits from Gieves & Hawkes of London, or Caraceni of Milan.

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The free reign of pirates

THE movie and music industry in our country is a unique one that I find difficult to understand with the passing of each day. To borrow a cliche, it is one industry where the monkey works and the baboon makes away with the proceeds of the monkey’s work, leaving the monkey high and dry, left only to scrape from the peelings of the banana discarded after the baboon has had its fill.

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Matters miscellaneous

In the United Arab Emirates where I was on assignment, I got a surprise. Last year when I was there for the International Telecommunications Union, ITU summit, I bought an Etisalat SIM card which I used while there to communicate both locally, and with family and colleagues in Nigeria. Getting back there September, the SIM was no longer provisioned. Absent-mindedly I switched on my other handset which had a Glo SIM in it, and in minutes, a message came in from a telecoms firm by the name, du. Although Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company is its legal name, it was commercially rebranded du in February 2006.

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