Social Etiquette

July 1, 2018



By Janet Adetu

It is very much the craze of the football season with the world cup frenzy everywhere you turn to. Everyone is cashing in on the trend whether commercially, fashionably, mentally, physically you name it. The World Cup has been known to unite nations, all in the spirit of patriotism, the fun of the game and psychologically too to some extent. Sports in general has a peculiar way of bringing teams together both as players and spectators both near and far, hopefully all in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

What then is considered as good sportsmanship In the name of the game?

Like any other sport it is important to know the rules of the game so as to play fairly without bias. There is no need for second guessing once the rules are known and played fair and square. Problems usually arise where there is suspected foul play, involving manipulation, cheating, conniving or conspiracy. With every game to ensure that proper protocol is recognized and adhered to it follows that there is need for some element of sanity. Essentiality every game has some form of law enforcement by way of referees, coaches, officials and the like who ensure that the results of the game mutually agreed by both parties. Essentiality in any game for good sportsmanship to thrive all players must learn to respect each other as well as all those involved around the game.

In the past we have seen where bad protocol, the absence of respect and manners, questionable behavior and conduct have taken its toll during, before and even after matches. Team players have been seen to insult opposing team members, referees and coaches. Team members have been seen to insult opposing team members, game officials and coaches too. Spectators otherwise team supporters or fans have caused havoc and controversy when things do not work their way. A game loss can at times be very detrimental where it has been seen that things can get out of hand uncontrobably leaving indelible scares.

Sportsmanship Tips:-

In the spirit of the world cup, being a good sportsman is not a matter of life and death. It is a great delight to win a match or a competition, it gives a sense of pride and glory, and I would say a new lease of life and a move to the next level. But of course you win some, you lose some; there are only two options except a draw. A good sportsman will learn how to accept defeat, pick up from where you dropped off and continue life day by day. It simply does no good wallowing in sorry. Learn from the errors and mistakes take heed  use as a learning curve for future success.

Sportsmanship – Team Player Etiquette.

  1. Treat all team members with utmost respect.
  2. Encourage and support each other before, during and after the game.
  3. Discourage any form of argument or disunity before any game and during matches.
  4. Applaud each other during a win and support each other during a loss.
  5. Avoid playing the blame game; it can happen to anyone.
  6. Accept the decision of the official or coach.
  7. Be calm at all times and suppress all form of anxiety.
  8. Be professional during all matches and focus on the game for that time.
  9. Act with courtesy, politeness, kindness, consideration and manners at all times.
  10. Acknowledge your fans and team supporters.

Sportsmanship – Team Supporter Etiquette

  1. Watch matches with an open mind.
  2. Propose to support your team win or lose.
  3. At the stadium sit in your assigned seat with no hassel
  4. Absolutely no foul language allowed.
  5. Absolutely no throwing of objects from the stadium stands towards anybody.
  6. Dress appropriately for the match according to climate or weather.
  7. Avoid any form of excessive drinking.
  8. Never discourage other team players and supporters by boasting.
  9. Be mindful of other viewers if watching on a TV screen.
  10. Be courteous and polite if in a public viewing place.
  11. Do not get into a brawl or a fight over any game, learn to avoid violence.
  12. Enjoy your game, have fun while watching.
  13. Cultivate the right attitude, behavior or conduct at all times.
  14. Remember the good of the match not the bad.
  15. Be a good sportsman whether you are playing or viewing, network with people make new friends, advance your course. Wishing Nigeria all the best always now and in 2022.

Good luck!!!!!!!

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