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How Lucky Can a Man Get – Having Temptation at His Doorstep?

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What do you ‘girls’ talk about when you get together?  It was the husband of Farida, a clone friend, asking me this curious question.  “You get together all of the time talking your heads off.  I bet a lot of your talk has to do with men”. We were at an impromptu get together for a friend who didn’t want to celebrate a round figure birthday because she didn’t want to admit time couldn’t stand still for her.  Most of the guests had had their fill of bubbly and quite a number were slurring their words.  “We boys get together too you know?”, he persisted.  Was he going to be a bore?  “And we talk about women all of the time”, Yeah, right, I sighed.

“By the way, did you see Peace when she came to stay with us?” I told him I did. Peace is Farida’s second cousin who runs an ice-block making business from the modest bungalow she lives in with her husband.  They’d only been married for three years and the husband had to travel  to the village urgently. Peace was scared to stay in the house all alone at night, so the husband begged Farida to take her n. She would run the business by day but come to Farida’s at night, just to sleep.  Unfortunately, Farida;s boys quarters were occupied as well as the guest room.  “Don’t worry auntie”, Peace pleaded.  “I can sleep in the sitting room. It’s only for two weeks”.I don’t like people crashing on the sofa,”, Farida had complained to me, “but she’s my flesh and blood – and a good cook to boot!”.

“Did you notice she’s quite a pretty girl, in a native way,” Farida’s husband persisted. So what?  “None of those gunk you all slap on your face and she cooks real native food too – not the ones you people cook reeking of artificial flavourings. Anyway, come her first night and I pictured her all alone in the big sitting room and scared stiff of the dark.  I tip-toed to where she was to tell her she could leave a light on if she wanted. But she’d done all that and was fast asleep – with her wrapper thrown off, showing all her feminine glory. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as I rushed back to our room.  Luckily, your friend was fast asleep. That’s one thing I’d always been envious of her – as soon as Farida’s head touches the pillow, she’s out for the count.

“Now it’s going to work to my advantage, I don’t envy her that any more. The next day, as soon as I heard my wife’\s soft snore.  I tip toed back to the sitting room. Peace was fast asleep, her wrapper partially falling off this time. She’d left a light on as usual but I threw caution to the wind as I approached her. I pretended to cover her up.  She didn’t stir. Then I sat on the edge of the settee, drinking in all her beauty.  Tentatively, I touched her boobs – she didn’t move. By this time, I was really on fire. I clambered on top of her, ready to promise heaven and earth if she woke up. But she didn’t. As I made love to her, she looked serene in her sleep. Once in a while, she would turn as if in sleep, but her eyes were shut throughout. My goodness, that was some love making!

“In the morning, she greeted me in her respectful way, made breakfast and got ready to leave. I gave her money for taxi – what I hadn’t done the previous day – and she didn’t look too surprised at the large amount I gave her.  I couldn’t wait for the following night as I tip toed to my love next. Again, she took it all in her stride – and she kept taking the taxi money without breathing a word to my wife. That’s how I suspected she knew what I was up to all the time. She must be a real mischievous girl, handling my escapades with such mischief. I felt like having a word with her about it all.  Did she enjoy the sex?  If yes, why didn’t she participate – you know thrash about and scream with pleasure like most of you do?  I guess she was afraid of screaming in case she woke my wife up. But she should have moaned silently or at least opened her eyes. Something to make me feel my prowess was being appreciated.

“When her husband eventually came back, I was most unhappy to see him. How could this crude man be enjoying such a well-stacked woman? Now, Candy, you’re my wife’s good friend but I know what most of you are up to, so I need your advise here.  How do I continue with this beautiful thing that the gods put on my lap?  Should I tell her I fancy her and and that I would enhance her business?” What’s the matter with this man?  A married woman gave him mind-blowing sex when her husband was away. Instead of thanking his lucky stars and crawling gratefully back to his wife’s bed after getting away with murder, he wanted continuity.  I told him that much and he looked at me as if I were off my rockers.  “I can’t forget her just like that”, he said sadly.  “You spend a lot of time and money chasing after these sophisticated women and all you get is rubbish sex and an infection! What I had with Peace was the real thing!

I felt like giving him a piece of my mind. He might be revelling in the after-glow of illicit sex but Farida had never rated him high in the sex department. That’s why she feels little or no qualms about picking her pleasures any where she gets them. But I still feel a bit uncomfortable to realise that whilst we thought we were pulling a wool over our men’s eyes, they’re actually laughing themselves in and out of other women’s beds.  I mean how could he have stooped so low as to crawl into his wife’s cousin’s pants with his poor wife happily snoring in the next room?  And still has the nerve to brag about it!

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