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Police recover body of man in shallow grave for 10 months

The daylight abduction of Pa Basil Agha, 69, in his home  town,Umuofor in Ogberuru Local government Area of Imo state in October last year which left the family and community traumatized , has finally come to an end. The police, in collaboration with an intelligence agency, have succeeded in arresting the prime suspect in the kidnap case who led them to where the father of six was buried in a shallow grave beside a shrine after he was clubbed to death by his abductors. Agonisingly, his remains were found with shreds of his cloths intact while the piece of cloth used in covering his eyes was still tightly worn round his skull signifying that the helpless man was blindfolded before he was clubbed to death and buried with it. Furthermore, a gaping wound where he was hit was conspicuously seen while his jaws and lower neck which must have been twisted were also identified.

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