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Parents of stabbed 19-yr-old girl insist killer must marry her corpse

A twist has been introduced to the death of the 19-year-old secondary school leaver, Chidebere Confidence Nwanma, who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, as her parents, Mr. and Mrs Nwanma, insisted that her killer must marry her corpse before her burial.

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Treatment of gunshot victims: Police, NMA disagree

It came like a thunderbolt. The Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Imohimi Edgal took the bull by the horns and made startling pronouncements over the vexatious issue of refusal of hospitals to treat gunshot victims before requesting for police report.  He reminded offenders that there exists ‘Compulsory Treatment and Care of Victims of Gunshot Act, 2017 and the resultant penalty of 5 years jail for offenders.

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