By Ogaga Otaotu

Kidnapping today is rapidly on the increase.The menace is having it’s terrible toll on the people. The trauma victims go through constitutes another health problem. It is worse when when women are the victims because sometimes they are raped badly before they are set free.

kidnapped-womenAs a journalist, I have covered many bizarre cases. One suspect on a day the police paraded armed robbers and kidnappers told a story of how he rapped kidnapped women and even confessed that he was HIV positive.

Can you believe that? While you are trying to rap your head around that read this true life story that will surely touch you.

Mrs Obioma was travelling to the eastern part of the country a few months ago, when their vehicle was attacked by armed men who later turned out to be kidnappers. They whisked all of them away to an unknown destination. She was however released after five weeks.

The husband paid a ransom of N5m. She was taken to the hospital for checkup and the couple received a rude shock. Obioma was pregnant. It happened that while she was held captive she was violated sexually by her abductors. The husband was heartbroken. This couple had actually been trying to have a baby for the past 13 years.

A very difficult position to find oneself and trying to make a decision, the husband decided that Obioma should either terminate the baby or forget about the marriage. She pleaded with her husband to no avail. He was not going to change his mind. She had to leave the house. She needs the baby and would love to keep it. It is her baby. Although it came in an unlikely situation but she still sees it as an answer to her prayers. After much pleadings from families and friends he eventually accepted her back.

Do you think he made the right choice or what would you do if she was your wife? Today’s Woman went out to the streets to hear from people on this very dicey situation and here are some of the excerpts.

Mr. Ben Mbonu: Why not? I will accept her, after all it was not her fault that she was kidnapped and raped. I will help her to forget the whole incident and accept the baby. The best way to handle such a case is to pretend it never happened and move on.

Mr. Onye: It is not easy at all to forget such a thing. I will find it difficult to touch her again because you will keep thinking about the incident and what has happened. Although I will not drive her away, I will ensure she goes through thorough medical checkup and be certain she has not contacted any disease like HIV before I can touch her again.

Mrs. Halimat: Even before she found out she was pregnant she should have told her husband what happened first and see how they could work a way around. Children are a blessing. The woman needs the support of the husband at this trying time.

Miss Ada says she can never keep such a baby, that it will always remind her of the incident. She says instead of loving the baby, she will end up hating the baby. Mr Jude said that if you truly love the woman, you will accept her regardless of what has happened, after all you were not her first. Why not forget about it and focus on making your family happy again.

There is something worthy of note here. If Obioma hadn’t been pregnant,would she had mentioned that she was raped. What about those women that claim they were not sexually violated after being released? Most of them know their spouses may not be able to handle it. They would rather not mention it.

You can see that recent upsurge of kidnappings in some parts of the country is not only affecting finances but also tearing families apart as well. And until something is done about this dreadful act in the country, more families will suffer.

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