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CORONAVIRUS: New York doctor successfully treats patients with drug cocktail

Coro and journalism

“Coronavirus” is a word that strikes terror into the hearts of millions of human inhabitants of an increasingly besieged planet earth. And I find it helpful, psychologically, to minimise the power and impact of the word by almost jokily abbreviating it to “coro”.

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NDDC Probe: CSOs to Akpabio, publish names of NGOs as contract beneficiaries

My NDDC experience

THE Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has been a hotbed of controversy and friction for as far back as I can remember. Senior NDDC executives and their political godfathers in various states and Abuja often have major disagreements with each other; and these Establishment tiffs sometimes erupt into open warfare.

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Bayelsa, John Sentamu, environmental genocide

‘God must be a Bayelsan!’

By Donu Kogbara I WAS minding my business in my Abuja residence yesterday – and feeling depressed about the state of the nation – when my phone rang. It was an All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain friend. “The Supreme Court has just returned Bayelsa to PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)!” he told me. “It’s a lie!” I
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Should Maryam Sanda die?

By Donu Kogbara Maryam Sanda is the  most notorious and controversial woman in Nigeria at the moment. Until November 2017, she was just one of many well-connected young women who uneventfully populate the Federal Capital Territory. The daughter of Maimuna Alliyu, a onetime Aso Savings CEO, she had married Bilyaminu Haliru-Bello, an equally well-connected young
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