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South Africa

So sad

I AM not in a jingoistic mood at the moment. When I hear that Black criminals in South Africa are killing Nigerians and burning down their shops, my knee-jerk reaction is enormous sadness about the breakdown of a once-warm relationship between the two countries, rather than burning anger fuelled by patriotic fervour.

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Police, IMN, Shiites, Abuja

Good and bad cops

I HAVE a soft spot for the Nigerian Police Force, NPF, because when I was kidnapped in 2015, policemen at all levels – the then Inspector General (Solomon Arase), the then Commissioner of Police in Rivers State (Musa Kumo) and several of their subordinates who investigated my case and acted as bodyguards – were so kind to me.

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Tribute, CHARLES Dadi Onyeama

A son’s tribute to his dad

CHARLES Dadi Onyeama was the first-ever Nigerian judge at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. And his author/publisher son, Dillibe (of Nigger At Eton fame), has written a biography of his illustrious father titled: The Man, The Legend, An Intimate Portrait.

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Nigeria in handcuffs: The DISCOs and the spirit of NEPA

Anything doesn’t always go!

LAST week, three surprising climb-downs took place.  Firstly, Adamawa-North lawmaker, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator, Elisha Abbo – a Christian – was filmed viciously assaulting a sales lady in a sex toy shop that he happened to be visiting and instructing his police orderly to aggressively yank the sales lady out of her place of work. 

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Britain’s moral decline

When you grow up in one place, spend a significant chunk of your adulthood working in another place and regularly shuttle between the 2 places, you are likely to regard yourself as a hybrid and to feel at home in both places and yet not entirely native to ­ either place. 

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