February 5, 2022

BETA DIGITALS: The agency changing the digital marketing space in Nigeria

BETA DIGITALS: The agency changing the digital marketing space in Nigeria

Beta Digitals formerly known as Beta Socials is a Digital marketing Agency in Abuja. Over the years, Beta Digitals has been a leading Marketing Agency in Abuja that offers Social media marketing, SEO, music and PR services for companies and individuals in Nigeria.

Co-founders Kevin Eze and Ifeanyi Onyeka had the vision of building the biggest PR agency in Nigeria, the company started off in Lagos, then recently opened an office in Abuja. Moving the agency to Abuja, people felt that would be the end of the company as they believe Lagos is where the market is, in which they are not wrong but the market in Abuja is untapped as lots of companies are in need of these services in Abuja you just have to find them.

Highlighting the progress so far, Kevin Eze, Co-founder. Beta Digitals said.”I am very proud of our progress so far and what we look forward to achieve. Looking at how far we have come and, the hurdles we faced, it’s been one rigorous journey I must say”

Beta Digitals was created with the aim of connecting brands to the right market through different marketing strategies, and as a company that is full of vibrant, young individuals who are looking to stand out and make a statement, which is why their slogan states “we are beta”

Between 2016 and now, Beta Digitals has serviced over 100 clients in different niches.

Ifeanyi Onyeka, Co-Founder, agrees that the humans at Beta Digitals which consist of bright young individuals gives them the edge and also keeps their client coming back for more. “Our goal is to always stay focused and keep improving our services for our clients. The clients actually make us stay on our feet to give them the very best, and that is why we go the extramile”

Since its launch, Beta Digitals has handled several clients in different niches including real estate companies, government bodies, restaurants and food brands, Influencer marketing campaigns, music projects etc.

Beta Digitals looks to gain more prominence and respect amongst professionals in the industry as they continue to build a strong relationship with brands and their audience, and becoming the world’s leading digital marketing agency.

You can get to know more about Beta Digitals on their website