Daniel Moses

Daniel Moses is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has mastered the art of commanding attention. He’s currently the CEO of Property Wealth Education, a full service property market that helps individuals generate income fast with limited start-up capital through his proven system in Rent-to-HMO.

On top of this, he’s also a content creator, an author, a coach, and a highly sought-after public speaker, and a prolific angel investor. Needless to say, Daniel Moses knows a thing or two about success, as such, we aim to unpack some of his success secrets in this Daniel Moses Motivational Success Story.

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Daniel Moses is a Nigerian. He was born and raised in Edo state. His book titled, “Rent-To-Rent Made Easy – How to get started in property with little or no money” published in June 2021 has over 16 5-star reviews on Amazon for its easy steps in getting started in the rent to rent process.

“This book was amazing, I loved it so much, its a step by step guide that anyone can follow. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start up a Rent to Rent business” Maxine Russell reviewed.

His podcast titled: “The Wealth And Business Podcast” on Spotify comprises of 24 videos that aim to inspire, motivate and help educate through the shared experiences of industry experts that provide lessons that give practical advice to anyone who is looking to create a better life for themselves through property and business.

In hopes for a greener pasture, Daniel Moses immigrated to UK in 2004 where he lived for years. Due to lack of sufficient money and options, he relocated back to Nigeria to startup a business.

While in Nigeria, Daniel Moses who has a strong liking for the transportation sector concluded on going into the transportation of oil and gas product. A business model that involves lifting the refined oil such as petrol, diesel, and kerosene, from the depot to petrol stations where it was then sold to the end user.

Sadly, in 2015, the business crashed and Daniel lost his capital of over $150k in the process. He was greatly impacted but he knew he has to move on. He dragged himself up, consoled himself and travelled back to the UK for a fresh start.

While in the United Kingdom, he took up job in a delivery company. 8 months after, he became a TFL License Holder which allowed him to freelance Uber Drivers. Daniel Moses being someone who rarely allow distractions to take his mind off matters concerning opportunities, stumbled into an Ad that read: “make money, control property”, on Facebook and this was how his journey started in property sector, and today, Daniel has become a specialist in Rent-to-Home

In 2017, Daniel Moses attended networking event and engaged in more training course in London. Haven gained groundbreaking experience in the field, he registered in the South East London Properties which is now known as Property Wealth Estate. “I am now so thankful of being the owner of the Property Wealth Associates brand” says Daniel.

Daniel Moses alongside Kevin Kludje later founded Property Wealth Education where they help individuals get started in property investing. On his business performance, Daniel said that they’ve being growing from year to year and from strength to strength despite starting the education business during the Pandemic and operating almost entirely throughout the UK national lockdown restrictions. In his exact words, “In 2020 the business had just 2 employees, Daniel & Kevin. Now Property Wealth Education has 7 in-house employees and a turnover of just under £500,000 gross since starting out in February 2020.”

As a decisive entrepreneur, Daniel Moses has managed to grow this business using his personal brand as featured in many articles including Yahoo Finance and CNBC News article, Fox news, and several Nigerian business interview articles focusing on how an immigrant from Nigeria has done so well abroad. Daniel’s Instagram has over 40 thousand followers.

When asked about his competitors and peers in the industry, Daniel Moses was fast to clear the air, “There is no other black-led property/Wealth coaching company as large as Property Wealth Education. We have disrupted a predominantly white male industry and become competitors of the leading property/Wealth training companies in the UK within a very short space of time.”

He continued, “this demonstrate that this business performance is sustainable for long term growth. The more people Property Wealth Education helps, the more people are able to help the Company. Because Property Wealth Education invests so much of its revenue back into the business, it is able to continually strengthen its business operations from front house marketing to client mentorship, right the way back to corporate governance and infrastructure.”

Property Wealth Education is a structured company with established systems and controls which adequately supports operational scaling, mentorship growth, and expansions in all other business areas. They are constantly on the lookout for new hires and ambitious individuals to join their team.

“Our most experienced clients also get the chance to join our team as coaches, this means we can help even more people and provide even more value. We are also interested in hearing how businesses have adapted and changed to meet the challenges and opportunities of Covid-19 for consideration of a special award.” Daniel Moses added.

When asked how he has invested and developed new products, services, techniques, skills and processes to meet the changing demands that Covid-19 brought to his business and how he’s maintaining or increasing his operations in established and new markets, Daniel Moses explained convincingly:

“During lockdown, Property Wealth Education faced some difficult challenges but it also made Daniel me realize the importance of using social media, online mediums like Zoom and other online platforms, and using the internet to the company’s advantage. Lockdown showed everyone a new way of working. All the Property Wealth products and services were moved online, even networking events!

“We adapted what the industry already had done and made it more suitable for the virtual world. With tools like Zoom at the company’s disposal it has made integrating and carrying out events, workshops and mentoring incredibly easy to manage and organise. Client reviews even found that people enjoy this more than in-person events as they get to enjoy the content, engage, and network all whilst being at home.

Daniel Moses concluded by saying “We believe this is the way of the future and Covid-19 only accelerated this transition. Regardless of our success during lockdown, Property Wealth Education are firm believers that successful businesses need to be able to adapt incredibly quickly and to do this the company is constantly re-investing back into the business and its staff to keep up with the fast paced world we live in.”

With multiple streams of income and influence, Daniel is set to be an example of beating the odds by becoming one of the UK’s most successful Nigerian self-made property millionaires. Being a man who’s open to experience and creativity, Daniel Moses has gone a notch higher in his career to sharing a stage with a renowned internet personality like Gary Vaynerchuk –  a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author and speaker.

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