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Gaining positive emotions (2)

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We will never know the depth of love until we learn how to forgive endlessly.”

“The law of forgiveness states that you are mentally healthy to the exact degree to which you can freely forgive and forget offenses against you.” That implies to gain spiritual, mental, emotional and physical freedom; forgiveness is a necessity.

Forgiveness is an act of our freewill rather than an act of our feelings; we act our way into forgiveness rather than feel our way into forgiveness. Therefore, forgiveness is a choice we make; it is an intentional; on-purpose response to offenses or hurt rather than an automatic response.

When anger, resentment, bitterness, shame, grief, regret, guilt, hate, jealousy lurk within the recesses of the heart, the inability to forgive others seethes at the root of these toxic emotions. The inability to forgive is the trap of the soul that keeps people in bondage from maximizing destiny. Failing to forgive attracts headaches, heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and other diseases. Forgiveness is relinquishing your right to retaliate or get even for a suffered wrong or a fancied wrong. Forgiveness is a free gift offered on an unconditional platter to people or the person who has hurt or offended us. Forgiveness implies that they may not deserve it, they may not even apologize to us yet we choose to forgive; “I feel you owe me but I choose to cancel the debt”. We cannot deny or hide the fact that they have hurt us deeply yet we choose to forgive; they may have to face justice, yet we choose to forgive. Forgiveness is choosing to let go of the offending person, the hurtful situation and memories into God’s hands and holding onto God’s grace to soothe and heal our emotional wounds. Our ability to forgive readily and freely hinges on our capacity to look beyond what was done to perceive the reason why it was done. This paves the way for understanding and breeds mercy towards the offender. When you rehearse hurts and offenses you erect a stronghold in your mind that limits your growth. Let it go so you can grow. Let go of the offense; let go of the fault. Until you set people free from their debts, you will function in a dysfunctional state. Set people free from their debts and you will set yourself free from prison. When we pardon people we pave the way for our advancement in life. Revenge only reverses life’s blessings from flowing to us.

Forgiveness is the matter of the heart rather than from our head. Forgiveness goes beyond words, you may say with your mouth and from the head, “I forgive you” but forgiveness will never take place until you release the offender and situation from your heart. Forgiveness is made easy when the Holy Spirit forgives through us. When we release the offender and situation into God’s hands, He will bring justice into our lives. Rehearsing offenses in our minds reinforces resentment and bitterness. To truly forgive, the desire to forgive must be in place. If you want to get over an offense or hurt get over thinking and talking about it. If you are set to completely forgive get over talking negatively about your offender and get to bless him or her; get to look for something positive about the person and speak well of the person or if you can’t find anything positive about the person then say nothing. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean uniting or reconciling with the offender. In fact, in some cases the healthy and wise thing to do is letting go of both the offender and the relationship.

Forgiveness cleanses the emotional wound paving way for the healing process.


Forgiveness has two aspects:

  • The negative things we have done to ourselves and others
  • The negative things others have done to us.



Until you have received God’s forgiveness you will be unable to give out forgiveness to others. Everyone needs God’s mercies and forgiveness. God loves us unconditionally and forgives us each time we confess and repent of our wrong doings. When we accept and receive God’s boundless love and mercies we know that we are forgiven then we can forgive ourselves and also extend God’s love we have received in our hearts and we can readily and freely forgive others.

Until you forgive yourself your life will be rooted in shame, remorse, guilt and regret. Forgive yourself for the wrongs you’ve done to yourself and others. There is no limit to the depth of God’s love. Search your heart; is there any hidden sin? Confess and forsake your old ways. Experience God’s forgiveness by receiving it by faith. After receiving God’s forgiveness; live in the consciousness that you are a new creature recreated in Christ Jesus, walking in newness of life.


Forgiveness is what we all need. There is no single person on earth that does not need forgiveness and nobody that does not need to forgive others. Forgiveness is a vital necessity for mental; emotional and spiritual freedom. When you forgive, you are doing yourself a great service; when you don’t forgive you come under servitude. To be free from servitude (emotional, mental and spiritual) you must always serve people with the choice of forgiveness. No matter the depth of the emotional wound, we can do ourselves a favor and offer forgiveness to our offender. When forgiveness seems difficult, you can ask for God’s help. Release the offender from your heart into God’s hands; let God bring justice into your life and you will have your just recompense.

Forgive immediately, the longer you hold onto an offense the longer it will hold you in bondage and the more difficult it will get for you to forgive.


You will never be able to truly love until you are able to truly forgive. Forgiveness should be a way of life if you want to live your best. Daily ask God for forgiveness; learn to forgive yourself and be quick to ask others for forgiveness when you offend anyone and freely forgive others when you are wronged. Life can be beautiful when we extend mercy to others.


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