By Pastor Layi Bamidele

THE book of IITimothy 4v2-4 says ; “preach the word; be urgent in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and turn aside unto fables.”

Many believer come to church not because they love God but because they want to use God and discard their maker.

The promies of God can be altered due to many reasons. John 4 v 23-24 says “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth: for such doth the Father seek to be his worshippers. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Every believe has a promised land it takes greater commitment and discipline to get there.

The mixed MULTITUDE is different from the Great MULTITUDE. After this message I did like for you to search your heart and think of the group you belong to in the house of God. God prepared the Israelites for the promise land but took them through the wilderness. The mixed multitude reflects the Egyptian spirited people in the midst of the Israelites. When the children of isreal left Egypt to the promise land the mixed multitude left with them.

Many people in the church today are mixed multitude cos they look good in the outside and stinking grave in the inside. This people covers themselves with godliness but they they are filled with falsehood inside. Do you know that many Israelites left Egypt but Egypt did. Not leave them.

The mixed multitude are in the church today to cause commotions and confusion. These involves pastors, Pastor’s wife, workers and members as well. When god solved the problem of the first church they later turn around to be God’s problem. Take note of this the mixed people are always attracted to those people going to the promised land.

They are fault hinders not pathfinders, they are always part of the moves but not part of the convenant. They join the visionary without knowing the vision they got close ,they bring in their vision and cause division. Disobedience is a destroyer of destiny and purpose terminator.

It is not enough to go to church, it takes an inner change of heart. God takes the wilderness route to train your mind church are suppose to preach the living word to the dying world. The mixed multitude are always like Cancer in the bone. The mixed multitude are always biting the fingers that fed them.

The mixed multitude are often lay their leaders on the alter of slander, character assination and disrupt. People you train can turn back to stab you at the back. The mixed multitude are highly deceptive,they pretend to love their leaders ( their pastors) but turn back against you when you are not around.

May I say this ” Christianity is not all about religion but all about relationship with God. Religious people don’t go far in life they only go about in circles. Get rid of the midst of the mixed multitude before they get rid of you. They are dangerous they cause division and confusion in the church.

Listen to me, they look of holiness those not guarantee the heart of holiness. They conterminate God’s children. So many pastors and ministers have a habit of being jealous of one another they are always unease with the success of their fellow’s success. The book of Matthew 7V 15-20 and also in the of IITimothy 3V1-9 you will see where Paul is speaking to Timothy there let me show you the clearity of the things you will see in the life of the character of the people that are mixed multitude.
(1) They are deceptive
(2) They are imperious to corrections.
(3) They are evil initiators.
(4) They are provocative
(5)They are not teachable
(6) They are casualties
(7) They are rebellious
(8) They are supplanted
(9) They are fault finders and not pathfinder in the church.
(10) They are attracted by miracles
(11) They turned against the person God use for them when they are in trouble
(12) They cover their sins with confusion and disagreement in the church.
(13) They discouraged the genuine serve of God with all manners of character assination
(14) They will not leave the church but discouraged new ones that come into the church or stay where they will be blessed.
(15) They for a clique in the church to counter every instructions given on the pulpit. They also gather in a place where they discuss and run down the message preached by their pastors.

My brothers and sisters as you read this message I want you to check yourself to see which one you belong and repent today. Are you in the midst of the mixed multitude of great multitude?

Many Christians today when they go to church they went there alone, the moment their problem is solved they will no longer face what brought them to that church but they will be looking for the fall of that church and the visionaries. May God help us, There are friends and their friends. Beware!!!!


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