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Ojukwu’s Will out next month

By Tony Edike

ENUGU—THE Will left behind by the former Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu will be read next month, a source close to Ojukwu’s family disclosed exclusively to Vanguard, yesterday.

It was learnt that some family members felt that one year mourning period for the late Ikemba’s widow and the Nigerian envoy to Spain, Ambassador  Bianca Ojukwu, which according to the native customs should count from date of burial in March this year, will now count from November last year when her husband died to November this year.

This, the source said, was to give Mrs. Ojukwu an opportunity to attend to her current assignment as Nigerian envoy without wearing akwa uju (black mourning attire) especially in the foreign country where she is serving.

“Some family members felt that one year mourning period should be appropriate in view of Ikemba’s status.  The family has therefore decided that the removal of akwa ujuby the widow should be brought forward from one year of the burial date to one year after death which is November this year. Plans have already begun for the one year anniversary of the death which is November,” said the source.

According to him, Ojukwu’s will would be read latest next month to determine who and who should benefit from whatever he left behind, noting that the document which had been kept secret since Ikemba’s demise was generating a lot of interest from anxious family members.

Vanguard, however, gathered that despite the outward appearance of peace in Ojukwu family, trouble may be brewing if indications from the recent public notice in a national daily over the management of some property owned by Ojukwu Transport Limited, OTL, are anything to go by.

The said publication had notified the general public and tenants occupying some of the properties belonging to OTL in Lagos that Mr. Emmanuel Omuojine of Omuojine & Associates currently managing the OTL properties is not the agent of the company.

The public notice signed by a Director of the company, Dr. Ike Ojukwu, further stated that OTL had appointed Mr. Massey Udegbe of Massey Udegbe & Co. as its lawful agent, adding that “Omuojine is not an agent of the company and ought not to transact any business on behalf of the company.”

When contacted yesterday, Dr. Ike Ojukwu stated emphatically that Mr. Omuojine’s appointment was not legal, explaining that the rents collected from the property listed in the notice, which amounted to about N200 million a year, had not been accounted for.

According to Dr. Ojukwu, the matter has also been referred to the appropriate authorities for necessary action, vowing that all the people managing the property had been requested to give account of the funds collected on the property.

He further disclosed that one or two of the properties were believed to have been rented/leased for upward of 50 years and the money was allegedly transferred and invested at home and abroad, insisting that the fund must be accounted for.


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