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Sambisa Forest In Lagos!

The name Sambisa forest, does not only ring a bell in Nigeria on a negative note. It also elicits cold shivers down the spine of anyone who has had an encounter with it- be he a Military man, victim of terrorists held hostage in the forest or residents within its location in the southern part of Bornu state, majority of whom have been rendered widows, orphans, fatherless and homeless.

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Child traffickers hide under orphanage homes to operate — Imo Police

WORRIED by the rate of child trafficking in Imo State, the state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr Tiwo Lekanu, said it has not been easy to track some of the child traffickers particularly those who use orphanages as smoke screens. As a result of this, the commissioner has demanded for a comprehensive list of orphanage home operators in Imo State.

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