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New saliva diagnostic test helps eliminate malaria

A world first diagnostic saliva test for malaria is on the horizon. The saliva-based diagnostic tool, to be marketed by ERADA as a Saliva-based Malaria Asymptomatic and Asexual Rapid Test (SMAART) for subclinical infection, is set to transform malaria detection worldwide. Malaria, globally, kills an estimated 435,000 each year, mostly children under the age of five, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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OVH Energy engages grassroots on malaria prevention, eradication

MALARIA poses adverse economic impact that is probably even greater than 1 per cent of the GDP, from lost productivity through premature mortality and time off work due to sickness. In school children, malaria is a major cause of absenteeism, reduces potential economic development opportunities, deters international trade and foreign investment, and jeopardises tourism.

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