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Veggie Victory

Veg Christmas

Just last weekend, I had an interesting conversation about vegetarian diet. These conversations come up regularely because, or so I think, whenever I say at a lunch or dinner table that I do not eat meat (and fish etc) a whole (meat) world is at stake. It was lunch time and the usual parade of chicken and fish dishes was tabled – followed by my request for ‘food without eyes which can look at me’.

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Vegetarian personalities in Africa (2)

By Hakeem Jimoh Dr. Sharita is a naturopathic doctor from the U.S. specializing in Iridology, Reiki, Detoxification, nutritional programs, weight loss, herbal solutions, and wholistic (mind, body, and spirit) consultations. She is residing in Ghana and now reaching out to Nigeria in collaboration with Veggie Victory – Nigeria’s 1st Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant. I asked
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