Veggie Victory

November 20, 2014

90% of ailments can be reversed by right foods — Experts

90% of ailments can be reversed by right foods — Experts

By Chioma Obinna

With growing numbers of prominent Nigerians fallen victims of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, alternative health experts have recommended the use of natural foods to put diseases at bay even as they said that 90 per cent of the ailments that have befallen Nigerians could be reversed by proper intake of foods.


Available report has shown that food is the most powerful medicine available to heal chronic disease, which will account for over 50 million deaths and cost the global economy $47 trillion by 2030.

The alternative medicine experts who spoke at a press conference in Lagos to announce a two – day health seminar with the theme: “How Diet Choices Affect Health and Productivity”, being organised by the Hayford Alile Foundation, Lagos in collaboration with Good Health Centre, Port Harcourt said it is time Nigerians take responsibility for their health by making a u- turn to the eating habits of their fathers which is the consumption of natural foods.

In his views, Executive Director of Good Health Centre, Rev. Mike Okonkwo who identified eating wrong foods as a major reason why people die from preventable diseases posited that taking balanced diet has a lot to do in preserving life.

This, the alternative medicine practitioner said, was why his organisation, in collaboration with Hayford Alile Foundation is organising the ‘Live now’ health seminar for corporate executive and leaders in the country.

According to Okonkwo, the health seminar billed to hold December 3 through 4th, 2014 at the Metropolitan Club; Lagos would tackle and educate the Nigerian leaders on foods and how to overcome common diseases. Explaining further, Okonkwo disclosed that though food can be helpful to the body it can also harm it, especially if they are unwanted fat or cholesterol.

He said man is plagued with diseases because he departed from what God ordained.

Okonkwo who is also the consultant to Hallelujah Diet advised Nigerians to stop eating meat if they cannot chew it well as swallowing meat without chewing it well may lead to diabetes and other ailments. “Our goal is to Nigerialise every food we eat. Common illnesses like high blood pressure, stress, cancer, diabetes, bowel health challenges, prostrate health, stroke, infertility, sleeplessness, erectile dysfunction, which destroys many homes. We shall table the health challenges and create the solutions.

“Sugar is not the cause of diabetes. That you stop taking sugar doesn’t mean you won’t have diabetes. It takes 72 hours for a piece of meat to digest. You must chew every food you eat 50 times before you swallow.

Speaking, the Facilitator of the programme, Apostle Hayford Alile who said announced that over 60 participants are expected at the seminar, said the seminar is open to all persons no matter their religious affiliations.

Alile said many people are dying from preventable diseases due to what they eat.

He said the death of some eminent Nigerians informed the seminar in order to reverse the trend.

Alile said he enjoyed good health because he always eats right. “You are a product of what you consume. And this may affect your performance positively or negatively,” he said.

Alile advised Nigerian to make good diet their friend so that they can live in good health.

“The eating lifestyle of the rich, who have been spending so much money travelling outside the country for medical attention, is wrong.

Alile who was former Director General of the Stock Exchange said: “Within the last three years, some of my age groups have been down with cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and all sorts of ailments.”