October 2, 2014

Cakes Go Healthy

Cakes Go Healthy

By Hakeem Jimo

For many of us it is so difficult to follow a vegetarian lifestyle or simply eat healthier because the change seems to come with less fun in eating.

veggieOften, the prejudice persist that eating vegetarian or vegan means eating spartan salads and leaves.

Moreover, dwelling on the sweet side of life like cakes and confectionary is completely not possible. Well, not quite like that. Healthy cooking and baking has become a culinary experience par excellence.

In this interview Mrs Nike Majekodunmi, MD of ‘Nuts About Cakes’ talks about a healthy way to the sweet things.

Healthy living and baking

Healthy living is about having attitudes, actions and habits that add up to the nurture of total wellness. This of course involves creating a lifestyle that is wholesome. For some people it means sticking to a strict diet or having an exercise routine.

This is great but the ‘living’ is also as important as the ‘healthy’. Healthy baked options let us know that we can still enjoy the pleasurable things of life without too much sacrifice. For that purpose, ‘Nuts About Cakes’ is launching a healthy option bread, cakes and pastry at the forthcoming Lagos Veg Fest October 10-12 at Freedom Park, Lagos Island.

Behind healthy baking: As society gets more enlightened about fighting illnesses and diseases through healthy eating, it became important to create tasty, healthy and quality products people can enjoy daily and incorporate into their lifestyle.

Cakes, pastries and bread recipes as we know it can be modified to create nutritious and health promoting meals. The concept of healthy baking includes the reduction of trans-fat, sugars, salt content and baking eggless.

This has huge positive impacts for your health. In addition to this, fortification of ingredients has become common, with many baked goods containing heart-healthy nuts and dried fruits, substituting fruits and fruit purees for sugars and adding wholegrain to bread.

Nigerians and style of eating

Nigerians are now generally a lot more health conscious than they were ten years ago. We have seen a tremendous array of businesses that have started and flourished around healthy living: gyms, football pitches, health stores, importation of fruits, spas and even medical tourism. We have also seen start-ups of fresh juice and smoothie outfits and even a vegetarian and vegan restaurant.

It only takes another 10 years of cultivating healthy food habits and living, and we will find that life as we know it for the baking industry has to adapt and change if it is to survive. The challenge for bakers is to continually develop new products, ingredients and processing methods to increase the product’s health benefits while retaining good flavour.