Veggie Victory

December 2, 2014

Superfoods (3)— Coconut Water



By Kakeem Jimoh

It seems there are superfoods around us and we have no idea. Or rather we have been drinking or eating them for hundreds or more of years but not having it labeled ‘Superfood’. Coconut water is such a candidate.

coconutCoconut water is the clear nutritious liquid inside the fruit. This water is loaded with vitamins and minerals while being low in calories and fat.

Known as nature’s energy drink, coconut water has been a favorite in places like India, Brazilian Coast, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Caribbean. There is hype that Coconut water is not just even a superfood but a miracle superfood. That my come a littlesurprising because Coconut used to be a demon, or at the very least an indulgence: a fluffy-cake topping, a gooey candy-bar filling, the second-best ingredient in a poolside drink. For years, the biggest coconut-based troublemaker was its oil, which is loaded with saturated fat — even more than butter, according to nutritionists and dieticians.

Times have changes. Nowadays, especially in many Western cities Coconut water is all the rage. People are drinking it in plastic bottles or tetra paks imported from thousands of kilometres away. People do not mind spending several Dollars on a tiny pack. A friend of mine in Lagos is a devotee of coconut water. She brought this addiction back from America. She says the coconut water is hydrating, comes with low calories and it gives her energy. She also recommends for those who are perpetually hungry on a cleanse.

Indeed, Coconut water has been found to bring energy levels up and increase metabolism in the body. Looking for an energy boost after a workout? Sports drinks typically have a high sugar and sodium content. Coconut water is a better choice for re-hydration not only because it is lower in sugar and sodium, but also because it has higher levels of those important replenishing nutrients such as Potassium, Calcium, and Chloride. An 8-oz serving of the water contains about 46 calories and is filled with electrolytes and more potassium than a banana!

Not only is coconut water a great alternative to traditional energy drinks, it also boasts several other health benefits like helping to keep skin looking young and healthy, removing toxins from the body, and aiding in cardiovascular health. Coconut water also helps to regulate internal fluids to prevent dehydration, increases metabolism to help with weight loss, and encourages a healthy digestive system. A few of the important nutrients in coconut water are Lauric acid, Chloride, and Iron, as well as electrolytes found in sports drinks like Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Phosphorous.