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Why Buhari’s Public Support Is Fading

Corruption cannot be uprooted in six months but why are its many bold signposts still untouched? Nigerians know that Rome was not built in a day but they also know that the builders of Rome didn’t use baskets to fetch water. When the new government came hope, enthusiasm and optimism swelled. Some took to the roads on feet chaffed by poverty to trek hundreds of kilometers, convinced that misery and hopelessness had been served a quit notice. Six months after, euphoria has subsided, enthusiasm has waned, the bounce hasn’t become bust, but even Buhari’s many supporters have moved from muffled ‘hmmmmm’ to audible gasps – ‘ah ah’.

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IPOB blames APC for death of 9, names victims

Following the three-week long protests embarked upon by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, over continued incarceration of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu which led to the alleged killing of its members by members of Joint Military Task Force, markets, banks and schools in Onitsha and its environs remained closed, yesterday, in apparent solidarity with the protesters.

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Buhari and the Biafrans

Dr. Chu S. P. Okongwu in his 2004 tributes to Ukpabi Asika, took an aside in his eulogies to emphasize the following: “The generation born after the civil war will not know that the former Eastern region, comprising East-Central State, South-Eastern state, and Rivers state, enjoyed a highly developed road network, with probably the highest quality road density in sub-Saharan Africa. These had been damaged or neglected during the war. Ukpabi Asika planned to reconstruct and modernize these.

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